Wait, what?

So, you know what sucks?  Going to the dentist for a tooth ache and learning that tooth is healthy and it is your gum that is hurting.  The cause?   Wait for it…….a popcorn hull.  Awesome.  Know what else sucks?  Finding that you need 4 fillings in other non-hurty teeth, three of which are old ones that need replaced.  Dude, that’s a crappy day.  Why is it that a cavity can make one feel so dirty.  You know what I mean, right?  I am so ashamed and embarrassed.  You know what else?  I paid a lot extra a few years ago to have those three that need replaced done in the toof color so my Mom wouldn’t see them.   Yet another disadvantage to my flip top head. 

Today was day 2 of operation drop am feeding.  It has been hard and painful.   I have a clog in one duct that is killing me and with 24 hours between feedings it’s not getting better.   Nathan is reacting a little too.  He is really affectionate.  I’m not sure he really gets that we are getting up and having real breakfast but he seems to miss that time we spend rocking.  He is really snugly, great and sweet but he wants to constantly rest his 97% head on my heaving bosom.  Ouch.   Oh, and something that may be surprising to only me.  As of today he is actually drinking milk from his cup.   What one boob take-ith the sippy give-ith. Or something.


3 thoughts on “Wait, what?

  1. I love it when Aidan is in a cuddly mood. Most of the time lately he is in a curious mood and wants to wiggle around!

    Sorry to hear about the dentist! I imagine a popcorn hull stuck in the gums would hurt!! Ouch!

  2. I’m so sorry about the dentist and the achy “girls”. Hopefully both issues will pass soon and resolve themselves.
    On the other hand, I’m glad that the little guy is being cuddly and lovey. It’s so nice when they wanna snuggle.

  3. Oh God, I have been saying the same thing for years about the dentist making me feel like a lowly criminal dirtbag idiot. I just went for the first time in 3 years (!!!!) and I LIED like a dog about everything. I could not help myself. Uggh, luckily they did not drag out the big fake chompers and give me a tutorial on how to brush and floss. That has happened before. Oh they just really know how to do a number on your self esteem at the dentist.

    FWIW I totally think the white fillings are worth it. I have like 5 of them and even my hygenist didn’t know they were filled til she looked at my xrays. 🙂

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