A Perfect Day

We woke up a little later than usual.  Nate just could not go to bed at his bedtime with Grandma and Grandpa in the house,  he didn’t want to miss a thing.  At about 8 Mike told me we had better get moving. 

We all made our way downstairs and after feeding the boy Mike was off to take Bruno to the kennel for the day and pick up the balloons, Grandma and Grandpa were off to do some last minute shopping.   Nate and I were in the kitchen getting ready for the big day.   The night before I had made the enchilada filling, the Margarita pies and Nate’s cake but there was still a bit to do.  I quickly swept and dusted and got to business.   Frosting the cake, decorating the house and making a load of guacamole.

I got Nate to take his morning nap and finished up.  Before I knew it I had 15 minutes before guests were to start arriving.  I was still in my pj’s!    I didn’t get a shower.   I was a bit frantic, my hair miraculously didn’t have a ponytail crease, I got my face on, brushed my hair and teeth and I was ready.  I made it.  Thank god for the fashionably late!

Our guest list was small, about 10 adults and 3 kids.  It was a perfect size, we all fit in the living room well and were even more comfortable when we moved it outside for lunch.   The weather was amazing warm and sunny.   Really it was everything I had wanted.  I wish that more of our family could have been with us but other than that I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Lots of photos are on Flickr if you would like a little peak into the party.

Thanks for all of your Birthday wishes for both Nate and myself.  I have finally accepted that he is officially a one year old.  


We have a busy week ahead.   The in-laws left this morning,  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, one of the gifts we got Nate is a dud and needs exchanging and we have some gift cards burring a hole in our  my pocket.  Before we know it the weekend will be here.  We have plans for the pumpkin patch and a big boy hair cut and I have plans on Sunday that do not involve my Kid or my Husband!  HOLLA!   I also am renewing my commitment to the Shred and to not eating the leftover pie and cupcakes.  it wont be an easy feat.  I dropped our morning feeding today (one of the two remaining) which means pain and sugary carb cravings in addition to bitch on wheels.  Why is it I prefer to bite off more than I can chew?


7 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. For someone who didn’t get a shower, you look quite fantastic! 🙂

    The cupcake pictures are hilarious — you will look back on those in 10 years and still die laughing!


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