One Chicken without it’s head

This week has been an unhealthy combination of me sitting on my lazy butt and me running around freaking out.  Oh, this couch feels so good.  OMG the In-Laws are coming, there is a Birthday party.  Must shop and clean and finish laundry and get pedicure.  AH!  I haven’t been feeling well which is why there has been so many interruptions in my productivity.  I have just enough of a cold and just enough of a clogged milk duct to keep me down.  I fell off the shred-wagon and haven’t um, shredded (?) for 4 days.  And you know what, I’m not going to until Tuesday when the parents are gone and the party is over and its back to life as usual.  I will run a few times but I have put the shred on hold until I can commit to it daily.   Tuesday it’s back to business!  I will go 30 days straight.  I promise!  I even have before pictures and if the after is good enough I will share.  (what in the hell possessed me to just say that?)

So, I have a ton of shopping to do and some cleaning.  The kind of cleaning that makes me want to go back to bed like, spot clean the couch and wash the windows at the back of the house.   You know, the crap you save for when your in-laws come.  Even though I know they could care less about a spot on the couch.  I CARE!  I just wish I could take a nap while someone else takes care of it.  Maybe they will figure out the grocery list too?  I have the hardest time when I have to add to our normal shopping.  Party of 3 I can handle , add visitors, add a birthday party serving a full home made lunch and cake.  Too, much, thinking.  Head Exploding!



Happy Birthday Heidi- Love You!


8 thoughts on “One Chicken without it’s head

  1. This is why I am glad the in-laws live 17 hours away and don’t come visit often (nor does my family which lives 10 hours away). I am not a big cleaner!

  2. My in-laws live in the same town, so the in-law cleaning is always frantic. “Your parents are coming over NOW?” and then I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. So, you’re not alone…

  3. The grass is always greener, right? All of our family is in around 3000 miles away. I’d rather they dropped by with no notice than to only see them a couple times per year.

  4. Thank you 🙂 I know that everything will be perfect. It ALWAYS is! Pace yourself! I am sure that you will work up a sweat over the next couple of days. That will help with the “shred-wagon” issue. I plan on hoping back on tonight myself. What better birthday gift to myself then a sore ass?

  5. LOL Christina! I would agree with the green grass here. I would MUCH rather them visit in small doses, take my kids often and have to see everyone more often than have them actually STAY at my house! No deep cleaning here for them because they don’t stay all that long enough to look that closely! Thus, we are never moving away.

  6. *Sigh*
    I used to clean like crazy whenever my in-laws were coming to visit. I mean total spic and span.
    Now that they live 20 minutes away? Can’t really be bothered. Kinda feel lazy about it but eh, it’s hard to keep up pretenses all the time.

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