The grown up Bedroom

Well, I spoke too soon with the “similar taste” and “fun to shop”  BS!  This was true with everything we have purchased together until now.  We have talked a lot about what our ideas are for this room and I have given in on a few things already.  Someone else, not so much in the give area.  Ahem- MIKE!

Our idea is the same in that we want a room that feels warm and relaxing.  We both like deep colored wood and want a saturated (but not bright) color on the walls,  curtains and we agree with what we want for art.  Start with all wedding photos in black and white (maybe sepia depending on our wall color)  we have some amazing photos from the day and I love the idea of them being in our room.  Over time we will collect some other things to add but we will start with our wedding pictures, white mats, black frames.  

My first want was all white bedding- VETO!  Okay, fine.  So I do some looking and find these two,  love! 

Sort of gender neutral, right?  I’m thinking he will love this, it’s modern looking and cool and we can choose any paint color we want.  VETO!  Damn. This is not sitting well with me, I was totally married to the black and white/cream.   I was in love with how it looked in my head with a bold wall color and our wedding photos, crisp white curtains with a black ribbon detail. 

I want mismatch stuff,  I don’t want my room to look like I pointed to a set and said wrap it up.  Two different night stands, one round maybe and another with drawers and rectangle, maybe even different colors.   I want an armoire for the TV that looks old and a little beat up with a set of drawers on the bottom of the cabinet.  I want two dressers, one high one low -long one with 6 or 8 drawers.   In my head my beautiful jewelry box that Mike got me for our first Christmas we were married, finally displayed and out of the closet with a mirror hung over it but not one of those 90’s mirrors that match the dresser.  An oval one that is hung on that side of the long dresser.  I want new lamps, both different for the nightstands and maybe a 3rd for one of the dressers.  I want a beautiful room.

I believe that Mike does. too.  But I think our ideas of beautiful are a little bit different.   In the tenure of our relationship every time a paint color is discussed he has three ideas, they never change.  10 years, 3 colors.   They are tres romantic.  Olive, Mustard, Burgundy.   Heh.   He wants colorful bedding but I cant figure out what that means.   I keep showing him pictures and it’s okay or no.  His head just isn’t like mine, he isn’t thinking about this outside of our conversations.  I mean,  he is a dude.  Of course he’s not closing his office door and looking at Restoration Hardware on-line.  Too bad, he’s totally missing out.

My idea of a new bed is a King, which we agree completely.  Expensive sheets (agreed- I recently got a set of sheets, not knowing what thread count we already had I grabbed 300 and THEY ARE LIKE SANDPAPER!)  Pillow top mattress and down everything, comforter and pillows.  So, our idea of comfort is meshing.  That is a good start.  But, he wants a sleigh bed or a leather head board.   Our guest room is leather with brass nail heads so we are not having two rooms that are the same.  The sleigh bed seems too masculine to me, so heavy and in a King it will be way too much wood (that’s what she said!)  So, we are mostly in agreement with the frame now but I’m not 100% yet.  He has decided he wants Iron now, I am cool’ish with Iron.  I can visualize it and I think it will be perfect with the mismatched pieces.   So these are the two front runners.

I like the first one much better, the 2nd is cheap looking and I don’t know about the don’t fall out of bed/mattress holder things. Whateve… I also love this one but haven’t showed him yet.

But, this one is a little more “formal”  so I don’t know….

So, we have a lot to decide on.  Big stuff like do we get a chair?  Little stuff like, mustard.  Really?   What has me stumped is the fabrics.  I just thought I would get what I want with no issue and now I’m at the beginning  again and I don’t know what I want.  I know for sure that mustard and burgundy/red are not an option.  With our entire main floor decorated in those colors I cannot do another one, I want something different.  I am leaning toward green, but I won’t call it olive.   We need to get out there and go shopping, cause apparently I married the one guy who has his own opinion.  I keep suggesting it as our weekend activity and he hasn’t wanted to go yet.  He wants the room but he cannot give me all of the power, he cares just enough to not let me run wild.  But, he sort of hates to shop (read: spend lots of money all in one day) so he has to be in the mood.  Maybe he will be ready by November? 

In the mean time I will keep collecting ideas and hope that I will find something that we can both live with and enjoy.  And if it tuns out anything like the living room it will be nothing like what I am planning in my head and take on it’s own life with one wacky choice (hello polkadot chair)  and end up being completely different.  We’ll see!


12 thoughts on “The grown up Bedroom

  1. i love a good “that’s what she said” reference.

    (sigh) why can’t the spouse just trust your judgment and let you go wild? how about a little “man corner” he can decorate all his own…you know, like the closet….where the water heater is.

    it’s funny, cuz i love the 2nd bed frame option of the iron ones. (i’m sure you appreciate even more opinions from the peanut gallery in addition to your husband’s.)

    but yes, burgundy/olive/mustard must not happen. no way, no day.

  2. My husband is just like yours. Burgundy, hunter green, and “sand”. Also big on sleigh beds, which feel too clunky to me.

    Also, on the new sheets: when you first get them home, wash them W/O DETERGENT and TONS O’ FABRIC SOFTENER in hot water. That makes EVERY sheet set feel luxurious.

  3. I love the first comforter set and it would look great with the iron bed frame (the first one). The second one reminds me of a mental ward. (is that bad?????)


  4. I agree with Ashley about the second iron bed. It looks too institutional to me. Those iron ones…the spaces look big enough to catch a baby head (yes, even N’s)! Are adult beds regulated like cribs? That makes me nervous. I love that last upholstered one you posted.

    I do love those bedding sets you picked out but I would be too afraid to get them for fear of them being dirty/ruined within 5 minutes of entering my home. Have you considered chocolate brown? With the cream? I love that combo. Maybe its “guy-ish” enough for Mike? Good luck with your search!

  5. HAHA Laura- even N’s head. People Nathan’s head is still in the 97th % for his age- he is a walking head. My glasses and headbands fit him. 4-real.

    Mike won’t go for any color with cream or white- he will have none of it. All color. Sometimes I totally hate him.

    CK- Mike had his corner in the basement, his “bar” but we turned it into our home gym. I don’t care that he pays the bills- he wasted his space, the rest is mine (Bawahhhaaha!)

    Sarah- I am going to try the fabric softner on those sheets- thanks for the tip!

  6. I wanted to do our bedding in all white too, but it was also vetoed right off the bat. We had to shop ALL day at several stores to find what we wanted. The rest of the room has come together slowly. . . I need to put something on the walls and I’m loving the all wedding pictures idea.

    You are so creative–I wish I had someone like you around to just let loose in my apartment.

  7. hey I just had a thought, you might hate it, but you said you want to get away from the earth/autumn tones of your first floor. N’s room is light blue, right? What about a dark blue for your walls? Its a color but something different. Do you remember that blue that was in my hall/guest/Alice’s bathroom at my old house? It was called Mood Indigo by Behr. I loved that color. I think it would look great in a bigger bedroom like yours.

  8. I like the second bedding set, as I am not a huge fan of big prints (like the first). The third bed would be nice to sit in – with the cushioned headboard and all…
    We are eventually going to upgrade from an all blue bedding to something else when we buy a king bed (i.e. when we have the money for that)… Your ideas are helping me with that!

  9. As you know, my bed is similar to the first two. If you plan to have another kiddo (which I know you do), I’d point out that nursing in bed would be far easier with a pillowed headboard — railings aren’t so comfy.

  10. I’m with the others on the iron beds – not a big fan because of the rails. And yes, the second one looks like it belongs in a 50’s mental institution!

    For us, we went bold but deep colors on the walls that we pulled from the fabric. We have a bold fabric with a colorful, big pattern. However, we used it very sparingly. I had it all made. We used the patterned fabric as a window valance and as curtains that are pulled to the sides over our bathroom entry (sort of hides & separates the two rooms since there is no door and from the bed, you can just watch the other person at the sinks). We also used it as the piping around the throw pillows on the bed an had one bolster made out of it. The throw pillows are a solid color pulled from the patterned fabric. Another window valance on the glass above our doors (dumb “window”) is another solid color pulled from the pattern. Then I got a cheap-o duvet cover set because it’s off white/creamy colored and then I don’t freak out if it gets something on it. I replace it every 2 years for $40 on Overstock. I can throw it in the wash too and it’s fairly soft. I have a solid coverlet that gets folded and put on the end of the bed.
    I picked out a few fabric patterns and bought a sample piece of each, brought them home and asked FG’s opinion. We both wanted to like the room. He hated one that had flowers and was a deep purple on tan. He liked the bold one with the black, red, brown, gold and deep blue on an off-white background. Since I liked them both it let him think he had a say. Then I paid someone to make the curtains and pillows, we did the painting and $500 later, DONE. We had the furniture though I do want to do swing arm lamps from the wall and get rid of the table lamps on the nightstands.

  11. We tried white/cream/light bedding and it failed miserably. Just remember that you are a woman… who has a son… and will probably have more babies. These sheets should stand the test of time!

    Michael and I had an “iron” bed once. It was great, except for those railing things on the side. Just try and tuck in sheets, or have it look “not dorm room.” It was a mess.

    YAY for the king size bed! We have a queen and one morning we woke up with a boy in between us, a boy at our feet, and three cats. We were squished!

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