You say it’s your birthday

…it’s my birthday, too.  Yeah!


  Look at you!  You have come so far, we, have come so far.  Holding hands, doing it together.  Growing, learning, living, loving.  You and me kid.  As sad as I am to let my baby go, I cannot wait for what you have in store for me this year.  I can’t wait, even if I’m not quite ready.  But, this isn’t about me is it? 

Happy Day sweet Boy, happy day indeed.



11 thoughts on “You say it’s your birthday

  1. I can’t get over those last couple of pics. He is such a big boy!


    Congrats Mama, you have survived the first year of motherhood!!!

  2. what a big boy! Wish I was there to witness the cake smear tonight! Love you both so much! Happy Birthday my sweet Nephew!

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