Sappy Saturdays

Since Mike’s work load has lightened up our life has improved tremendously.  Now I know that it didn’t have to be this way, that I could venture out on weekends with the boy and do our own thing but that’s not how it has worked.  We do that during the week, on the weekends if Dad is home working we are too so when he takes a break he can hang with the kid.  So, now that he’s not working weekends (for now) we are loving it!  We meaning all 3 of us.  We do all kinds of things some fun, some lame and most of it for us and we just drag the kid along.  He really doesn’t care what we do, he is happy no matter what. 

Today was so simple but so perfect.  We headed downtown this morning to go to the farmers market.  We walked around a bit, had lunch and sat outside in the sun sipping Pumpkin Spice lattes.  Such simple things, stuff we did well before we had a family but stuff that is now more fun because of it.   See, I take for granted how beautiful the produce is, how many colors are behind the glass at the bakery counter,  I don’t notice the things hanging from the ceiling.  But Nate does, he sees it all.  He makes sure to share it with us by pointing and waiting for it’s name.  I enjoy the food more.  Today I had chicken tacos with salsa, corn, cheese, lettuce, black beans, guacamole and cilantro rice.  Mike had some lamb curry and nan.  Nathan ate it all, wanting more (which is a sign he knows and uses but today he was so excited for more he couldn’t help but clap instead.)   I can’t wait to share my dinner with him tonight.  I am making a butternut squash sauce over cheese ravioli with sage and Parmesan.  I already know he will love it.  Plus, I can’t wait to eat it myself!

The same is true no matter where we go.  I get to see the world through his eyes.  Gah, I know you guys.  Didn’t I JUST do this the other day?  Okay, okay, you get it.  Nate is great, he’s changed our life, I love him.  The end. 

In other non-news- WT bloody H is up with my period?  Srsly!  This is horrible- I feel like crap, emotionally and physically.  They were never like this before the kid, now I’d rather be pregnant than deal with this.  Really, it’s that bad. I decided to throw the calender away and wean when I am ready and not think about it anymore.  But, I can’t go on the pill (the one I like) until he is off the boob.  This is making me think sooner than later.  Go ahead, tell me it’s what happens.  I should just add it to the list of stuff that won’t ever be the same like my abs, boobs, hair.  WHAAAAA!  Suck.

Speaking of abs, the 30DS is going well though I think today could be my first slack day considering I just want to hold myself and rock on the floor.  Today would be day 5 and it is incredible how much my endurance has improved.  I feel stronger and am doing the workout more efficiently as the days go on.  I think Tuesday, which is one week from my start date I will move on to level 2.   If I take some midol and suck it up this weekend that is.


5 thoughts on “Sappy Saturdays

  1. Your dinner tonight sounds DELISH.

    I’m so jealous your husband will venture and try new foods. 🙂 We are having.. DRUMROLL, PLEASE.. taco salad.

  2. Oh gosh, I feel so horrible for you. I went on the pill just as soon as I had my first postpartum period, and went off of it in June because it was aggravating other problems of mine. That period was just like the one you’re describing. Once you go on the pill you’ll feel so much better. I’m sorry you’re not feeling good. 😦

  3. that dinner sounds amazing! yum. glad to hear you had such a great day yesterday but sorry to hear that Flo is being such a bizatch to you lately 😦

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