On the bandwagon

If you read many blogs you have probably noticed that there is something going around. A promise of improvement coming recommend from people all over,  they are telling everyone that the proof is indeed in the pudding.  Pudding that will kick your butt and make you want your Mommy.  What the heck am I talking about?  The pudding is 30 day shred.  The promise that in 20 minutes a day for 30 days we can all look like Jillian Michaels- who when my husband sees on tv yells in his best Austin Powers “She’s a MAN baby!” 

I used to be fit.  I used to make going to the gym and eating well a priority.  This wasn’t just a lifestyle it was my OCD fix.  Counting calories in and calories out.   I never had Chai on the weekends, I saved the calories for a Mikes Hard Lemonade or a glass of wine.  It was always on my mind, it was it’s own list, Vitamins? Check.  8 Glasses of water?  Check + 2.   3 miles on Treadmill? Check.  

I am now a squishy pile of excuses.   One thousand reasons for why I don’t go to the gym anymore, why I didn’t do more than go for a walk when I told myself the entire hour to RUN damnit, just start running. Sometimes I do but other times I just don’t.    Nathan will be one in 10 days.   A good week while pregnant was 2-3 workouts,  remove weeks 6-12 completely.   How many times have I been since I had him, one year ago?  I think it would average to less than one time per month.  I do dvd’s, Inhale (yoga) walk a few times per week, do sit ups push-ups and use my hand weights but very seldom do I push myself anymore.  I miss it,  I miss adding distance to my run, knocking time of my mile,  the way it feels to stretch sore muscles, the amazing sleep that comes after one of these workouts. 

I also miss how it feels to be fueled off apples and granola and baby carrots dipped in hummus,  not cookies and popcorn.  I didn’t use to snack on junk.  I don’t know where I made this turn in lifestyle.   The lack of gym going is easy but I don’t know when I dropped the ball on my diet.  Why I don’t eat as many vegetables and why I buy cookies when the old me, the healthy me, never even went down the cookie aisle.

So, this weekend we are buying a treadmill.  I can run at home without trying to fit it into the child care hours (one of my excuses that is the most valid) this will also be fantastic when we have the never ending line of snow days.  I ordered 30 day shred.  I broke up with cookies this morning.  I’m going to go back to what I know is good for me, what will make me feel like my best self. 

I will miss the cookies, of course I will.   It is a miracle of miracles that I am under my pre-pregnancy weight the way I have been going.  Virtually 2 years without pushing myself.   I don’t think it will be that hard though.  I expect to feel better right away.  I know that for me that after workout high is addicting.   When I feel proud of myself for really pushing or for just getting through on a day where I didn’t think had it in me, that keeps me going.  I hope that taking care of myself will be old hat, like riding a bike.  I may be wobbly at first but I know its all still in there.

I’m not sure why I am inspired now,  I’m just glad that I am.  Part of it could be that I’m looking down the barrel of another Ohio winter and know this will help me get through it.

Anyone else had a period like this?  What got you going again?


10 thoughts on “On the bandwagon

  1. You are on the money with respect to what I have been doing through (except that I have been struggling to take off the preganancy pounds). After Clara turned 9 mo. and I turned 37, I decided to kick it into gear. In one week I joined weight watchers and a women’s “boot camp.” I’ve dropped 13 lbs. I still have a ways to go, but I finally feel like myself again. I can run at my old pace. I’m strong. I kick ass at sit ups and push ups. Yesterday I went shopping for a dress and the sales assistant recommended a small — and it fit! Whoo hoo! I feel like myself again. Not just like someone who is defined as being a new mom. It’s great. You go girl. Sorry for the cookies.

  2. OK, not to get all Dr. Phil, but I can tell you exactly why you turn to the cookies. Because I do the same thing. You work SO HARD, taking care of the baby all day, you think I DESERVE THIS. I am WORTH this delicious treat because I have worked so hard today putting everyone elses needs above my own. Being a mom is so draining, you don’t have time for a long bubble bath or a massage every day. You do have time to grab a cookie and feel like you are indulging in something for YOU. Carrots and hummus are not indulgent. HAHA! This is my wise insight. (And the underlying psychology of my fat ass.)

    So good for you! I get on these kicks too, unfortunately its hard for me to keep it up. Good Luck! I think the key will be to make sure you replace those cookies with something else that makes you feel good that you DESERVE. Maybe teeny tiny new skinny clothes? 🙂

  3. I was super motivated before I went on our trip to be able to rock a swimsuit, that I bought an eliptical and was using it dailey for about 4 months. Never saw the results that I really wanted. I lost some lbs but still not happy with how I look. So after we got home, I abandon my work out routine and felt like- this is it. This is my body, be ok with that. Nope, not happy. So I too broke of my love affair with chocolate and Diet Coke and ordered 30 Day Shred.

    I just got my 30 Day Shred yesterday. Felt great popping it into the DVD, water within reach, hand weights at my feet, pumped READY TO ROCK the 30 day shred and I wanted to feel like – See that was not so bad- when I was done. When I finished, my whole body was trembling. I NEVER knew that 20 min could make you feel like rubber! I was proud though, no barffing and I finished it! No breaks no cheating. Although, it was feeling like a bit of an option. So here I sit on day 2 thinking HOW THE HELL am I going to put this thing back in with the same vigor that I felt yesterday when I do not think I can even bend over to tie my shoes?? Wish me luck!

  4. I go through phases. I will never understand those girls who are able to make it part of their everyday lifestyle (nor the perfectly groomed girls who go to the gym and don’t shed one drop of sweat while working out). I usually need a goal to work towards, like, I have a high school reunion coming up and I’m going to look so damn smoking that that hottie from back in the day will be so sorry he didn’t ask me out 10 years ago. That sort of thing. And I was going so strong lately until I injured myself attempting to take break dancing classes. One too many baby freezes and I was out of commission. Proving to myself and everyone else that I am definitely not 18 anymore 😦

  5. A few months after I had Kara, I was really into getting back in shape. When I found out I was pregnant with baby number two, I had already lost four pounds. Then I gave up.

    After the inital recovery period, I am so excited to get back on the bandwagon and reclaim my pre-maternity wardrobe. Makes me salivate at the mouth to think about it.

    Good luck to you! I’ve heard about the 30-day shed, so I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts.

  6. You know what got me going again?

    Wanting to get pregnant again. And knowing my squishy body would only get worse – and labor would only be harder – if I didn’t GET GOING.

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