Don’t judge her, she was so young.

I feel I must defend myself before you see these pictures.  This furniture is old, the bed was purchased in 1996 at a garage sale,  it was brand new the man selling it built it but it was a garage sale nonetheless.  After moving it 6 times is has seen better days.  The dressers are from Ikea, purchased in 98, the “night stands” umm, there is no way around this one, they are TV trays.   Bedding was a Christmas gift in 98,  this was/is the most expensive set of bedding I have ever had.  My Mom dropped $600 dollars for it and dear god if this is not a testament to you get what you pay for I don’t know what is.  The sheets were retired about 5 years ago though, they didn’t last as long as the coverlet and shams, but I digress.   My taste when I moved into my first house (in 99 ) was much different than it is today.  I’m embarrassed to say it was a little on the side of french country.  I was very into blue and yellow (shows the still surviving couch and love seat in the basement- cannot wait to burn them both!) and the house I lived in sort of lent itself to that style.  This set was really cute in the bedroom in that house.   I had it painted just the right shade of yellow, there was a sliding glass door with crisp white sheers and sage green velvet tab top panels over the top.  It was awesome, I loved it… then.  I do not love it now.  The room is stark, blah and we are just so over it.  There is no mood, no feeling, no art, nothing that is us, just throw back the covers and pass out, your brain is dead from lack of inspiration.

So, without further ado…  I’ve included a shot of our bathroom as well since I am going to do some work in there too.   In an upcoming post I will talk about what we have planned for our grown up room.  



10 thoughts on “Don’t judge her, she was so young.

  1. Ok, so don’t kill me, but I think your bedroom is really cute. It sure beats the post-Apocalyptic look I managed to pull off in mine and Ricky’s room.

  2. I cannot wait! You have a great canvas to work with. And what a nice daughter you are…hanging onto that set for so long. I think you did your mom proud!

  3. Im so excited for you. I remember when Lee and I shopped for our new suit of furniture for the bedroom. ..and then it took me forever to find the right bedding. I wish I could go shopping with you guys.

    ..and there is no need to defend yourself. I have clothes in my closet that are older…. I really do need to purge. ugh! Im just hoping to fit into them again…then Ill get rid of them. ha

    Ill send pics of Gracie soon. I cant believe she’s month old already.

  4. Your bedroom doesn’t look bad at all. I can see that the green and wood look might not be going for you, but if you have a guest bedroom, it would work well there…

  5. AJU5- The dressers will go into the guest room but the bed is outta here. I plan on painting them and getting new knobs for Nate when he transitions from his nursery.

  6. I do not judge. We pull out those same TV trays when we really need to set down a drink in the living room cause we have no coffee table or end tables. At least yours are tucked away in your bedroom! I can’t wait to see the makeover. No doubt it will look fantastic when done. Just get some bedding that repels baby body fluids and you’ll be all good.

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