Our last hurrah

And just like that, its over.  Summer is gone.  Well, not really its going to be 80 all week but the calendar says its fall and school is starting this week so its ovah.  You can something is going on.  This is our 8th (wow) year of living in/near a college town and you can always feel the buzz when the students come back.  I sort of hate it, it’s busier and annoying (er) and more cell phonyer- oh and my favorite, ugg’ier!  Dude the number of Uggs on campus per square foot has got to be 14.  Though, after our first winter here I am a little easier on the girls who think they are cute since it is often below zero here.   Then again I sort of like it too, even if its only because it means I can make a pot of chili and light a candle at 6pm because its already dark out.

Anyway, where was I?  Right, Summer is over.  We took our last road trip this weekend and I am exhausted!  When you have a baby toddlerNathan (what is he at 11.2 months?)  the amount of prep it takes to go away for a weekend is about the same as going away for a week.   I decided to take it easy this time and just toss some stuff together the morning we left. HAHAHHA!  Now I know why I am so detail oriented.  I forgot, Nate’s pj’s, shampoo, conditioner, hell- hair products- all of them- well lets just go with toiletries and say I used Nate’s toothbrush because all I packed from my bathroom was makeup.  Thank goodness we stayed in a nice place so the shampoo and conditioner didn’t make my hair look or feel like hay.  We had a great weekend!   I had high hopes for Pittsburgh,  we were told we would like it and it was pretty.  Well, it was so-so and it was not pretty.  Not the parts we saw anyway.  We stayed near the airport and spent some time downtown near the Pirates stadium which hello, that side of the river is SCARY!    We went swimming and out for nice meals and got wine and cheesecake after Nate went to bed and had a really great time. 

The hotels we stayed in this summer have inspired us to overhaul our bedroom next.  By overhaul I mean everything but the carpet is going.   I/we have had the same bedroom set (bedding included) for ever.  Ever being, 10 years,  the exact lengh of our relationship.  It has served us well, in all of its super cheap Ikea glory but its so ugly to us now.  The room is not our style or our taste,  white walls, white wood blinds- blank, bland, boring.     I loved this stuff 10 years ago but I have changed and it needs to as well.  We are toying with ideas of what we want and plan to make it our Christmas gift to eachother.  I am super excited!  You know I love a project and super love one that involves so much shopping.   We have really similar taste so it’s fun and pretty easy for us to shop for stuff together.   We will also revamp our master bath a bit too with new paint and accessories.  

So, summer is over and my big green house book is out for the duration.  My scrapbook stuff is finding its way out of the closet and I am making a vegetable soup and manicotti this week (despite the temps).  Summer 08 was a good one, but I am ready to move on to fall.


9 thoughts on “Our last hurrah

  1. I’m partially jealous of you and partially glad it’s not me. Bedrooms are the one part of the house I LOVE decorating (LOVEloveLOVE!), but it is so nice to have everything done and not have to worry about it.

    Go for down comforters. I so love them.

  2. I am so excited to see you get new stuff for the bedroom!!! We both got our bedding the same year. I am pretty sure that it was 11 years ago… and that garage sale bed has had a long life! Go have fun!!!! And I am with you, bring on the fall and the fall food! I am LOVING that it is getting dark by the kids betime now! Seems so much more appropriate. I am going to savor this fall, as it may be my last for a long time to come 😦

  3. GET A KING SIZE BED! It has seriously changed our lives. Simmons Beautyrest baby! Now I love my bed and bedding but the rest of the furniture is yet to catch up. Its on the list. Yeah, I want the “haven”, “retreat”, “sanctuary” that they are always yammering about on the makeover shows.

  4. I’m excited for fall, too! Especially this year, since Luke and I will be doing so much to the house. New paint in every room, new dining set, new mattress, new television and computer…. We’ve never bought any of these things for ourselves before, so it’s going to be fun. Also, expsensive. Gulp. But I know it will be worth it.

    Can we see pictures of your bedroom as it is now?

  5. I have been working on our bedroom a little at a time over this year. It’s been fun. I agree with the person who suggested down comforters.

    Do you have a good recipe for chili? I have been wanting to make some this fall, but don’t know where to start on trying to make some.

  6. Frema- Yes I will post the dreaded before. I will do another post soon on what we have now and what our ideas are… usually the ideas turn to garbage when we actually get out and shop but I love the process.

    Emily- I have an awesome chili recipe. I will email it to you.

  7. ugh….i call them fuggs because i loathe them and think they are the ugliest things on earth. i don’t care how warm or comfortable they supposedly are. they should be outlawed along with crocs.

    i can’t wait to see your bedroom makeover! i love home projects. i have so many on my list but always get distracted with the latest fad i’m into and by the time i get around to them i have changed my mind on the entire look. oh well! good luck!

  8. I have been trying to come up with a plan for our new bedroom since June… Jeff made me bite the bullet and pick a color (grey/purple and sage green) and furniture so now we just have to make it happen. BUT…. I kind of want to see what you are going to do first before I commit to the green/grey combo… hahaha!!

    Bring on the crockpots!

  9. Yay new bedroom furniture. I love shopping for that, it’s so exciting. We inherited a bunch of pretty awesome pieces of furniture so no shopping for me anytime soon but I can live vicariously through you.

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