Again with the thank you’s

I appreciate your understanding, so very much.  You see, the thing with this blogging is so multifaceted.  I keep finding new issues with it.  Obviously now I have realized that I have been sounding overly negative and spoiled.  Neither of which are attractive to me so how can it be to anyone else.  I try to keep my topic’s in check, try not to step outside of my own boundaries,  try to be “the good kid” since a lot of my relatives are frequent lurkers, and more often then not I find I have something I really want to write about or need to get of my chest but I cant.  There are so many things I have to sound off with in person, to Mike or Heidi.  I can’t do it here, or shouldn’t, rather.  I appreciate my readers, friends IRL and those of you who are my “peeps in the box.” 

I know that you realize that I do live a life I am thrilled with, I acknowledge staying home is a opportunity not realized for so many mothers.   I feel like I take that for granted on occasion, I have to remember not only to thank “the money maker” but to be genuinely thankful.  Something you aren’t thinking about when, OH-Dear-God-Child-insertmassivereaccuringannoyance-here.   I also know that you have most likely been reading long enough to know that I live for Mike, and for Nathan and would throw myself  under a bus for either of them.   But I have to believe that you don’t come here for that, not everyday anyway.   If I was proclaiming my undying love day in and day out you’d get bored and most likely delete me from your reader and move on with your life.   I know that I read blogs for many reasons, one of which is to feel less alone and more normal in this Mom Gig.  I look for commiseraters, someone to say YES- I know and hoo boy it does suck!   You feel better when you are not the only one, and it’s more entertaining to read that we too, are human.  

I am human, I am a mother, life is not perfect, I am not perfect.   I try too hard, I know this.  You know it too.  I don’t want to know how many results would pop up if you went half way down this page and searched  “mop floors.”    This perfect issue I have is real, I know where it stems from and why (Dear god that is a whole other URL right there!) but it is my issue and I have to deal with it and this kid of mine is testing it’s limits everyday.  So, I write about it.  I struggle with not having the time to deep clean every day (yes- everyday!)  I want to vacuum, everyday and can’t anymore, I need to do some work in the yard and haven’t had a chance recently, I need to clean up from the massive storm we had on Sunday and haven’t. 

I write about this stuff because it is my life,  I feel better when I put it out there, whether anyone reads or not.  Allowing the words to flow through my arms into my fingers is a release.  Whether you comment or not, getting it out is sometimes all I need to gain perspective.   At the end of the day, this is for me.  I write for me, to log my life to go back and see how far I have come, or not.  To capture memories and feelings.  It is for me.  It is a bonus that you are here watching while I document it and your taking interest in what I am going through, taking the time out of your day to tell me it will all be okay.  Not doing this alone is a bonus.

This Mom business is no joke, it is very hard to be one without your Village.  You readers, are in so many ways that Village.  I don’t know how I could do this without you.  Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Again with the thank you’s

  1. I’m proud and honored to be a part of your village and I’m so very glad to have you in mine!
    We all come here to get stuff out of our systems. That’s what blogs are for–to get stuff out of your head and off your chest.

  2. It’s your blog, do what you need to do! Mine feels like mindless dribble most of the time but hey, when I go back and read it it’s a journal for me as well!

    I always had a community of moms with older kids around me. Moms who had see “that rash”, heard “that cough”, been through “that stage” and it helped tremendously! I think that’s why I check in on you and try to comment when I can. Take anyone’s advice however you want but I feel better if I can give any and it helps at all. It definitely takes a village!

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