While I was out (ish)

Just last week I think, I posted about my love for fall and for my desire for it to come over for dinner, (were having soup-that’s what you serve Fall) and perhaps stay a while.  By all means pack your socks and long sleeve t’s.   I’m ready for a change.  Well, allow me, HAHAH!  What now?

Right, so I was all ready for Fall and then you know what?  Summer vacay started, like, the next day!  Mike had a huge shift in his work load and suddenly he was around.  A lot!  He has been taking complete weekends off, random days during the week and we’ve been a normal married couple with a kid.   We have been having a blast.   In one week we took Nate on 4 walks and to the park to swing (which he loves) we bought all of his birthday party supplies, we went to the Cubs game this weekend (which they TOTALLY BLEW in the last .5 inning -shakes fist at Kerry Wood) we hang out after the kid goes to bed, watching movies and relaxing on the deck with a drink, we have done all of the family summer stuff that I have been waiting for.  And you know what?  There’s more coming!  This weekend we are going to the Home Show (because dear lawd all I do is go on road trips for baseball games- tis’ my turn) to a restruant I have been wanting to go to for a good year, and to the Zoo.  Next weekend we are off to Pittsburgh (baseball game!), yeah-yeah, I mentioned this already but I had my timing all messed up so you probably think we already did that.  No, we did not.

So, that’s where I have been.  Summer, you can stay for a bit, just take off your flip flops, I just moped and Nate is crawling!  You’re welcome to hang until about a week before Halloween, then your out, m’kay?  Cool.


4 thoughts on “While I was out (ish)

  1. Good lord… just as I said I smelled fall, the weather jumps back to summer here and poor Portland is blasted with 90 degree heat!

    Then the in-laws decide to do a big family vacation at the beach this weekend.

    I agree — summer is still here!


  2. mmm…I’m ready for a change too. I’m actually tired of my summer clothes. Today is 87 and sunny, tomorrow is 72 and rainy. Welcome fall…I’m so ready to wear my jeans and sweatshirt. I was craving some home made veggie beef soup last night so that’s what we had for dinner. Bring on the beer and brats it’s football season!

    Miss you guys.

  3. I miss the fall food, so I started making it again, but yesterday, I found myself putting on some clothes from Hawaii and taking a walk with the kids and actaully enjoying the warmth. While I am ready to enjoy our last fall for a while, I am also sort of hanging on to the summer for a bit longer… Maybe this is a good sign for our move!

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