“No, sweetie, no.  Do not pull that cord.  Nathan.”  Damnit….

“Nathan, NO!  Put that down, that can hurt you, let go, come on let Mommy have it.”   WHAAAAAA!- Damnit

“Where are you going?  Nathan, come back here!”  Baby erupts in laughter, crawls faster. 

“No Nathan, leave Bruno be, do you want him to jump off the couch and start pulling on you?”  Blank stare, goes back to pulling hair out of the dogs tail.

“Super Nate, come on, lets go, that’s not for babies.”

“NO- Didn’t I just tell you to leave that cord alone?” 

“Nathan, come back over here.”

“Baby boy, I will buy you a damn pony if you will just sit in one stinking spot for 10 straight minutes!” 

“HEY- NO!  Get that out of your mouth!”  

“Here, bang on this, not on the dog.”

“OH, Daddy’s home, gotta run!”

This past week has been busy.  Busy with random contractor appointments, busy with life, busy with friend visits and Mike being home, and this kid who is all over the dang place.  Officially pulling up on everything which means he can reach the stuff I put up to get out of his reach.  Standing at the base of the stairs spinning his wheels, smoke pouring out of his ears while he tries to figure out how to get up there.  Answering his never ending “question” he asks with his pointer finger and a grunt, clock, dog, sunshine, light,  then allowing him to touch it while I ohh and aww, bright light, green clock.

And then there is the crawling.  This child seeks danger, craves mischief, is a busy busy bee.    I love playing with him, laying on the floor crawling around while he explores and chasing after him while he laughs and his legs are crawling as fast as they can but the arms can, not, keep, up, and he is in this funny hunched  position and he laughs so hard he flattens on to his belly, this is a blast.  I can play this for hours 15 minutes.  But, when it is time for me to do things like make dinner, fold clothes, feed the dog this crawling business is a giant pain in my arse!   You wouldn’t beleive how fast a 11 month old can get into a rubbermaid full of dog food (or maybe you can?) or how he manages to get hold of the stick we use in the sliding glass door and start waiving it around, how fast he can find the dog bone and chew on it, how fast he can pull up on a plant and thank god he hasn’t figured out how fun the dirt inside is, how damn cute it is when I hear him laughing and look for him when he is “hiding” behind the curtains.  So really, it’s all fun, all the time!  As much as I love it and watching him learn and the joy in his face it still sucks a little bit- I miss the days of parking him on a blanket and walking across the room and folding a load of laundry, when I didn’t have to put him in a laundry basket of his own with a pot and a wooden spoon to bang on.  Which was fun for about 4 minutes and then he was trying to break out.  Even in his pool where he is having fun he still ends up crawling out of it, he just can’t stay still.  I miss talking to him nicely all day long not saying no, put that down.  10,000 times per hour. 

You cannot stop him, we cannot deny his strong curiosity.  You just have to follow and make each encounter a learning experience, whether its a “No” or a “Ohh, look at this”… and when Daddy gets home…. it’s his turn.  I go take a quick break and remind myself to have fun, it wont be long before I will miss these days, too.


8 thoughts on “Dialect

  1. Hoo boy, what till he starts walking. Let the fun times begin. But it’ll mellow out too, they stop putting everything in their mouth at some point… I think.

  2. Ahhh, yes, mobility! No wonder people with children decorate their homes from 4 feet UP! It will get better but not for awhile. Get yourself a lot of baby gates! And forget about getting much done until naptime.

  3. I think that I agree with skiplovley, the days of putting everything in their mouths passes. Connor is 3.5 and he is f(or the most part) over that. The other day he DID lick a paint roller (it was not used) and said “Mommy, this marshmellow tastes like hair!!” So like I said I “think” that these days of tasting everything will end eventaully! It is so fun and so frusterating all at the same time! Just remember to try to laugh!

  4. It won’t be long at all. Crawling didn’t last very long in our house, and I can’t even picture what she looked like when she did it. He is so adorable, treasure it!

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