Closer to fine

The big Freak Out has passed and I am feeling like I have a firm grip on things again.  Nate is going down perfectly and sleeping well, his naps are a little on the short side but I am working with that.  Now my massive challenge is keeping him out of trouble.  He came crawling from behind the couch yesterday toting half empty bottle of febreeze,  I shook my head at him “I wanted a boy!”  he smiled looking quite proud of himself.

Summer is winding down and I’m feeling ready for fall.  I am happy for a change in the weather and in turn, a change in food and wardrobe.  Soup, Chili, Pasta, pants, socks, sweaters!  Warm hearty fall food, lazy Sunday afternoons watching football, bawahahhahahah, I can safely say that ship has sailed.   I love the way the sheets feel cold in the morning after sleeping with the window open.  I love decorating for Halloween and the colors of the fall leaves.  I can’t wait for the crisp wind and taking Bruno for walks through the fallen leaves, his favorite activity next to eating and farting, we call it “bulldozing” he puts his face into the leaves and runs at full speed.    When it’s gray outside and the house is warm and candles are burning, it makes me want to bake and scrapbook and just stay close to home.  Summer on the other hand makes me feel hurried and like I should be out doing things.  

Mike is taking next week off so we have one more run at some outdoor family stuff.  We are headed to Cincinnati this weekend, my girlfriend and her daughters are coming to stay with us for a night next week and the following week we are going to Pittsburgh for the weekend, we got a great hotel suite so Nate can have his own space which should allow him to sleep, plus it has a pool!  Sunday we will go to a Pirates game and then head home.   It should be a good  couple of weeks, I am really looking forward to it.   I will make sure we take advantage of what we have left, grilling out and going to the park and soaking up the sun before it takes off for 6 months and makes me wonder how I ever got tired of Summer.  I am remembering how hard last winter was, snowing all the time,  so I won’t let this last 4-6 weeks get away from us before we hunker down.

Feeling it coming has my head back into nesting mode again, it rained all day yesterday and it was fantastic, my wheels started spinning almost immediately.  Nate and I went to the big blue home improvement store this morning for a few things we were in need of.  Of course I found myself looking at appliances and lighting and we got a few indoor plants.    I just can’t stop coming up with more items for my list.   This is a seasonal thing for me,  late summer and January, I always kick into high gear and I have arrived.    Sadly, lots of my wants and ideas are going to have to wait a bit since we have 3 projects going on outside but that’s okay.  That doesn’t stop me from getting out my big green book of house stuff.  I’m making a new list,  winter projects.   Some small inexpensive things that can be done while the kid naps, painting bathrooms, closet revamping, things that can be done in a hour or two.   Things that will both keep me busy at home and get me out a little to pick up the supplies.  Hopefully just enough to keep me sane.  Fixing up the house when your pretty much stuck in it is a good use of physical energy.  Or so I am telling myself.

You guys ready for fall, too?


5 thoughts on “Closer to fine

  1. So funny you said “nesting” — that is what Jeff calls my deep cleaning before fall starts.

    I love fall — crisp leaves, fall clothes and crock pot meals 🙂 Oh, and a little Duck football!!


  2. I’m trying not to think about it until after our last big weekend of boating/camping fun of the summer. Next week I’ll have both kids in school (youngest in preschool) with homework for my 2nd grader, activites and cooler temps. I’m gearing up for it but trying to have a great last long weekend and enjoy it to the fullest before I can’t wear a swimsuit for months!

  3. We don’t really have fall here, at least not the way you guys have it. But, it does mean Thanksgiving and Halloween and winding down towards winter, so yeah, I’m ready for it. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because this will be the first one Baby can enjoy with us!

  4. Fall? Um… we haven’t even had summer yet. I think summer is just about to hit. It was very hot last week (i wasn’t here) and it’s looking to be the same this week. I cannot remember the last time I wore a sweater! I do know what you are saying… i love staying in and doing things around the house.

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