I’m “it”

Sweet Lizzy of Rice Rice Baby  tagged me for a meme.  But, I recently did this exact one here, so I am switching it up a bit so I am still participating, sort of.

It’s supposed to be your quirks, since obsessing is one of mine, here is a list of 6 things I am currently over thinking.

1.  Nate’s Halloween costume:   I am well aware that the calender reads August but whatever.  Mike and are not agreeing.  I say Spider or Horton, he says Owl.  (care to vote?)

2.  Couch Pillows:  I’m working on the multiple pattern and texture look in the living room and have been having a hard time pulling it together.  I am looking everywhere for pillows, I nearly bought cloth napkins yesterday to sew (which no, I don’t know how, thanks for asking) together to make them myself.  See, the problem is this,  I have a sheet of scrapbook paper that is driving me (mad?) it has 5 different patters, all of which go perfectly in the room.  As I mentioned, I don’t sew so I am taking this stinking piece of paper all over town looking for pillows.  

3.  Home Maintenance:   We have a few things going on.  We are having the deck restored, getting a new garage door and having some landscaping done.  All of which has been set up, priced and scheduled by me.  It may sound like I’m complaining but Im not.  I like doing this, its writing the checks I hate.

4.  Nate’s Birthday:  This is two fold.  One is  ZOMG- my baby is almost one, and trust me. this takes up a chunk of every day.  The other is the actual party and every single aspect of it.   What to serve, what theme if any, what should I wear,  don’t forget to download music to ipod for party, and a list of stuff to do around the house before hand- some of which I know I wont do.  Like?  Replace dining room light and hallway fixtures.  When I start making this kind of list, the kind that involve what to do when NEW people are coming over I get stupid and start biting off more than I can chew, in both work and current budget.   Regardless, we WILL replace those hideous brass fixtures, soon.

5.  Nate’s 1st Year Scrapbook:  For obvious reasons, I need to catch up.  I’m 4 months behind.  I want it finished to share it and also to get it done while the stuff is still fresh in my head.  I have outlines done and notes written about what he did which month, etc.  but I want to get it closer to complete so come October all that is left is his party pages. (OMG! One year old!)

6.  The Weather:   Columbus has had .65 inches of rain since August 1st.  Even the weeds are dead.  I am kicking myself for all of the nights I told myself to water the flowers and didn’t.  My gardens are suffering and it makes me sad.  The grass is crunchy but I refuse to use water to keep grass alive, it will come back in the fall.  Besides, every ones looks as brown as ours, it’s not really a status symbol around here.


9 thoughts on “I’m “it”

  1. Ok, I like Horton personally, but the owl is also adorable!
    As for sewing, it’s really easy. Any of the ladies in a fabric store should be able to show you how to stitch a basic pillow. I would show you if I lived closer, but alas…
    For his party, don’t stress so much. He won’t remember it, so make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy. The more you stress the less you’ll enjoy it. Keep it simple. I let myself stress a lot over Baby’s and now I regret it because everything’s coming together and I killed a lot of the fun of it for myself by over-stressing. Just have fun.

  2. 1. I am so all over the Horton outfit — too cute!! I mean seriously, if you made it in my size, I would wear it for Halloween. (how big of a dork does that make me on a scale of 1 to 10??)

    2. I vehemently hate decorating because I am so bad at it. At least you know what colors go in your living room! You are one step ahead of the game 🙂 You remember the room I asked you about colors on like…2 month ago? I am still looking at wall paper samples and wondering if we are ever going to move rooms. Could you buy the fabric you are looking for an have someone sew them for you? There are always women like that on Craigslist, etc…

    3. Oh lord. N is almost 1. I started reading your blog soon after he was born… time flies! I totally agree with Victoria: keep it simple. The easier it is on you, the more fun you and everyone else will have. Are you going to let him destroy a cake? It doesn’t sound like you, but hey, how often does your baby turn one??

  3. Yeah, he’s not budging on Horton 😦
    Now you (Victoria) have made me want a sewing machine- I am convinced I must have the gene, Mom can make bras, I can sew a pillow…..
    Im not “stressed” in a bad way about the b-day party, It will be simple but I cant help but over plan, its just how I work. But again, not a source of stress (thanks for the advice all the same!!)
    Laura- love that “theme” had already found it myself.

    Liz- HELL YES he will be allowed to dig in to that cake- the bigger the mess, the better. Why not?! I may make one for me, too, and eat it with my hands.

  4. One thing to consider with the Horton costume…in my experience babies don’t generally stand for stuff like that on their heads for very long. Without the head, there is not much of a costume. I voted for the spider because you can totally still get the gist if he doesn’t want to wear the hat. 😉

  5. Laura: That is Mike’s argument, exactly. And, he is right. Nathan won’t wear a baseball hat, a fisherman hat he will but not a cap with a brim….. I hate when he’s right. HA!

  6. Dude I’m so jealous about your .65 rain for August. We haven’t had a drop of rain since March. Zero, nada, zilch. Southern California, our two seasons are fire and flood.

    I vote for Horton.

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