When the sky falls in public

There are pluses and minuses to blogging.  The plus is the support, the emails, phone calls,your comments, the community.   Usually we chat about the topic of the day or about a memory sparked by reading.   The minus, freaking out when people are looking.  I use this blog for may things,  one of which is to put my feelings out there, it’s a process that helps me deal with what is going on in my head.    This week I used my blog as an outlet.   A safe place, where everyone here who comments is on my side.  We are mostly Mom’s who hold each other up when we need it.  When I wrote about feeling alone and depressed, you heard me.   You heard me loud and clear.    Thank you.  I say this with tears in my eyes, Thank You.   I needed to hear that it was okay, that it was a phase, that I am not a shitty Mom for wanting Nate to just STFU instead of holding him and working through it.  I had had enough, and I came here to vent.  Thank you  for reaching out and making sure I was okay. 

Things seem to have worked out.   Nathan is going down after just one night of letting him cry (for ONE HOUR AND EIGHTEEN BLOODY MINUTES!) he seemed to get the memo.  His naps are back on schedule and with no crying.  He is waking up at 6 to nurse which is a regression in itself but I can handle that easily, he goes back down for another two hours and the rest of our day is the way it used to be.    He is happy and himself, I am doing better and we are getting there.


5 thoughts on “When the sky falls in public

  1. I’m so glad things are working out! And I’m glad you’re feeling better about everything. If there’s anything we can do for you again, let us know.

  2. Oh gosh. Sorry he cried for so long, I know it is agonizing. But in the end, he is just fine and getting back to normal. It worked in just one night, hallelujah! Glad things are getting better. Sleep deprivation is the cruelest bitch there is!

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