Some light reading

Are you watching Ashley Paige Bikini or Bust?    It’s good, my latest guilty baby is napping pleasure.  Ashley is a 38 year old bikini designer who has a swanky shop and lives with her mother.  She looks sort of washed up, has funny little tattoos everywhere and is a delightful mess.  She cannot pay her bills and is the easiest sell I have ever seen.  Someone mentions life coach, she gets one,  a non surgical face lift, she books a consult.   She has a ton of dogs, a huge heart and no money for dog food.  The best part of the show, in my opinion, is her Mom, Leah.  Leah is slow, sweet and southern with a very heavy accent.  In one episode Ashley was having a model casting at the shop, there were maybe 50 women lined up outside waiting to put on a suit and strut their stuff.  Well, Leah realizes it is early in the morning and those “girls just look so hungry” that she goes out and buys a few dozen donuts and walks the line offering them , to swimsuit models in LA.  Hilarious!  On another show she wants to learn how to knit a birthday gift for her daughter. Juan, the (only) knitter teaches her how and along the way he helps her with a bit of Spanish.   Leah is trying her hardest but having a terrible time at the end she says, ” I like burritos.”  My head explodes. 

I’m sure you all know of the band Gnarls Barkley, yes?  They were on SNL a while back and I was able to see them perform.  Now, I am a little behind in my pop culture, admittedly.  Since having Nathan its taken a back burner (sadly!). But, in my head this man “looked” like Charles Barkley,  tall, athletic and black.  Well Gnarls (which I now know is the name of the band and not the guy)  couldn’t look any LESS like Charles.   This is probably only funny to me, and to Mike who thinks I am a total idiot.  But at least I can still make him laugh.  Right?

My favorite Design Star won!  Jen.  She has such a cute personality, I love her paintings.  Though it could be her buck teeth that have me drawn to her.  After 4 years in braces and headgear, wearing my retainers every night since having them removed in 8th grade, I can still eat corn through a fence.  I can’t wait for her series to start in January.

I always buy a US Weekly when I travel.  It is the ONLY time I allow myself too and boy do I look forward to it.  This past trip though, I didn’t know who 75% of the people were.  I know I don’t keep up as well as I used to but it made me feel bad, like I was an old shriveled up mom.  31 and already totally out of touch.  The Superficial and MamaPop are not enough to sustain, apparently.

Speaking of old shriveled up Mom- I went off the deep end and cut my hair again.  I don’t know if I like it yet…. I’m afraid I am that much closer to a minivan and Mom jeans.

We are headed to Seattle day after tomorrow and I cannot wait! We will see all of the sisters and nieces and nephews.  I haven’t seen my Dad and Step Mom for months, add Tammy’s wedding on Sunday and I’m just coming out of my skin!   

I am totally exhausted from staying up and watching the Olympics.  I just cant go to sleep, its too exciting. Luckily, with Nate only nursing 3 x’s per day I am back on my diet coke iv drip.  Ahhhh!

Has anyone read “Sleep is for the weak”  yet?  Is it worth buying?

I told Mike that I want an apartment in the city.  My own place, with a white couch a tivo and no boys, no dogs no dust.  It will be clean all the time and smell nice and I can just go there and relax.  What a dream, right?!  Ha, he said he didn’t think we could swing a place of my very own.  Had to ask.

You know what is not worth the effort?  Making your own salsa verde.  Just buy it, my word I will not do that again!

That’s a wrap for today.  I will add this new dontdo to flickr for you to see.  I beg of you to be honest with me, love it, hate it.  Just tell the truth, I can take it!

10 thoughts on “Some light reading

  1. First of all, I like the hair! Mine’s really scary, DEFINITELY a soccer mom ‘do, but I’m still lacking the soccer star and a mini van…
    Having a “girls only” apartment sounds fun too. Heck, I’d settle for a “woman room” (since my hubby wants a “man room” in our next place).
    Sounds like you’re doing good though. How’s Nate doing?

  2. “I told Mike that I want an apartment in the city. My own place, with a white couch a tivo and no boys, no dogs no dust. It will be clean all the time and smell nice and I can just go there and relax. What a dream, right?! ”

    This is MY dream!! I always knew we thought alike but WOW this is my dream. Everytime the dog and the hubby make my sparkling clean and organized home a mess, I just dream of my loft in the city 🙂

    I love the new chop — I think it makes you look younger and skinnier! Great cut!!


  3. I love the new do, it’s really cute! I just cut about 4 inches off mine last week, it is soooo much cooler.

    Have fun at the wedding!

  4. Like the new ‘do! I too keep cutting mine off and now I want it to grow again. Eh, it’s hair, it will grow if you don’t love it shorter! But it looks good on you! No mini-van here either.

    I feel awfully out of touch too. But lately, I haven’t cared much! I used to feel like that – “gosh, I’m getting old and have no idea who these people are!” Now I realize in the grand scheme of my life, it just doesn’t matter.

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