A list a mile long

We leave for Colorado on Friday morning and I haven’t even started to get ready. I have a list of what to pack for Nathan but that’s it.  I have a list of what to do around the house, too.  Its a million little things, buy infant Motrin and oatmeal, mow lawn, finish laundry,pay bills, clean out fridge, empty cat box, take pets to kennel, water indoor plants, water flower beds, PACK, and all kinds of other crap.  It is a lot to do, yet I cannot get started.  I guess it’s because I am a tad  overwhelmed by what to bring for the kid.   Trying to make sterile places feel like home without being home isn’t easy.   I will bring his blanket that he sleeps with but he doesn’t really have anything else that’s a favorite, so I will just take a few small toys that fit in the diaper bag and hope for the best.  He is typically entertained just by watching the world go by which there will be plenty of during the trip.

Since I do have so much to do, this is my goodbye for the week. I will be back next Thursday, hopefully with a flickr album of fun and something worth talking about.

If you have any suggestions for traveling with a 10 month old, please share!

Later, Peeps!


6 thoughts on “A list a mile long

  1. Does he like lift-a-flap books yet? I remember one time flying with Alice and I bought 3 brand new flap books with TONS of flaps in them. Pulled them out when we got on the plane and it kept her busy for a loooooong time.

    Good luck!

  2. We kept Charlotte busy with her toys and as bad as I hated doing it, she constantly had a bottle. It kept her calm.
    Make sure you take lots of diapers. We ran out partway through our trip and had to hunt down a Walmart. Also, extra wipes.
    At night, we let her sleep with us. It made her feel more secure, knowing we were right there with her.
    Other than that, I have no real suggestions. She was six months old when we did our trip so in a lot of ways she was easier to manage.

  3. Not sure if you know this or not – but they will make you take Nate out of his stroller (sleeping or not) when you get to security at the airport, fold the stroller and put it through the x-ray machine.

    Its a real pain in the a$$. Just a small heads up.

    (They will also make you take HIS shoes off).

  4. We ended up buying Clara so many little gifts during our trip to New Orleans that I was happy we didn’t pack too much. She mostly spent her time on the plane flirting with the other passengers, nursing, crawling around on our laps, and going on walks up and down the aisle. She loved it! We did put cotton dipped in vasaline in her ears. I’m not sure if it did the trick, but she didn’t cry. Have fun! Lets talk soon about when we might be able to see each other in WA.

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