All questions. No answers.

  1. How much of Nathan’s stuff really needs to come with us on Vacation?
  2. Why aren’t I doing laundry right now?
  3. How come I’m not also mowing the lawn while the laundry is running?
  4. When will life around here be normal?
  5. Why can’t we have some sort of work/home balance?
  6. Why do I still have enough milk to put out a house fire?
  7. Why cant Bruno and Milo get over it?
  8. Why is wearing a fake ponytail ever a good idea?
  9. Why did Nivea use 82lb models to be in their “goodbye cellulite” ad?
  10. Will Nathans eyes stay blue?
  11. Will my Mom ever grow up?
  12. Will I ever know what I want to be when I grow up?
  13. If I do, will it be something I can make a living at?
  14. Can I really be me and a Mom?
  15. Why is that so damn hard, anyway?
  16. Will my abs ever be the same?
  17. Why do friends lie, shouldn’t they tell the truth for the sake of the friendship?
  18. Will Mike and I ever be ready to leave Nathan and take a trip on our own?
  19. Do all Mom’s look at their kids and think they got the best one?
  20. Can I maintain my “live and let live” when it comes to other peoples kids?
  21. Why didn’t I know about all of the layers of Motherhood?
  22. Why am ever surprised about anything?
  23. What the heck went wrong with the automatic numbering, wordpress?
  24. Do you have questions?

5 thoughts on “All questions. No answers.

  1. I can answer 19 and 24 for you.
    19. They sure do. And every mom is right. 🙂 All of our kids are the best, each in their own way.
    24. I have questions too. Mainly, I wonder about how motherhood ends up being one big paradox of itself, with the conflicting emotions and ideas and everything else that goes along with the job. For example, how can I be so excited watching her grow up and yet so desperately want her to stay small at the same time?

    Anyway, I think you asked some great questions.

  2. 1. Will I be ok when I go back to work and leave my babies?
    2. Will my kids be ok???
    3. What will come of today?
    4. Why arent I ready to go yet?
    5. Why have I not even showerd? I have 30 min!
    6. Why did my baby wake up in tears with pain that I can not take away?

    Ok, I could go on. But I will not. maybe I should start a blog! LOL

  3. Responses:
    1. Take as little as possible.
    2. laundry sucks and is the bain of everyone’s existance.
    3. Are you trying for wife of the year?
    4. You’ve had a kid – time for normal is OVAH
    5. Balance exists – you just have to figure out which balance you are ok with. 90/10 – 80/20?
    6. Maybe you should start bottling that stuff?
    7. Because they are pets, they don’t have the capacity to get over it.
    8.It’s not. Be happy with what you got.
    9. Nivea is stupid and those girls are stupid. Real women buy those products. DUH!
    0. My boys eyes’ never changed color. Evan is brown, Brody is blue.
    1. no answer. she’s your mom.
    2. YES!
    where was I?
    3. YES! If you love it, that’s payment enough. har
    4. You are YOU – you are just in a different capacity. Nothing has changed, other than a baby has come out of you. Like me, I’m sure you feel a lot of societal pressures to be “their” version of a mom
    I’m tired.. I can’t go on.

  4. mel you are awesome!
    As far as bottling the milk- i looked into donating it to the Childrens Hospital but I take nexium daily so they didnt want it.
    But im DONE with pumping for good now so not saving it either. I have about 50 bags of it in the freezer.

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