Night One: Take Two

I made it!  Whooo.  

After several nights of the 3 minute pump I decided to skip last night and see how it went.  I had everything set up in the basement just in case I were to wake in the middle of the night again.  I didn’t!  I woke around 4:30 but was still okay, when Nate got up at 7:50 I was very uncomfortable but I did it! I am super engorged now, even after his first feeding but I image that will last for a while until I stop making that evening pump amount.  I can deal, it’s not that bad.  The bummer is my appointment for my bridesmaid dress alterations is tomorrow which means I wont be able to zip it up all the way, embarrassing! 

I’m not as freaked out about actually weaning him now, I know it will be harder than coming off the pump but I think I will survive it now.   I plan on starting the third week in September and finishing up the week of his Birthday.  I am sure it will make for some crazy lady posts.  Everyone promises its mood swing city while your body adjusts.   I imagine I will cope with cookies.

Speaking of cookies!  Have you seen the new Banana Oreo!  Umm, seemed like a good idea but, not so much.  Its like a banana laffy taffy in the middle,  aftertaste and all.  Gah.  I won’t let them go to waste or anything,  they’re still cookies.

Edit:  It is 12:45, am dying waiting for next feeding.  Whaaaa!

Edit 2:  Its 10 minutes from Nathan’s bedtime and I am not sure if I will make it much longer- seriously considering pumping for a few minutes before he eats to find some comfort- afraid that pumping will ruin a full day of “progress.”—- E3-I didn’t, he ate a TON and I feel better.  We’ll see how I do overnight, I’m sure you are on pins and needles awaiting the update.  Man, is a wonder anyone reads this garbage!

4 thoughts on “Night One: Take Two

  1. Oreo has been busy lately. I’ve seen a whole slew of new flavors. Why I haven’t tried a one is beyond me. Let’s blame it on the insane first trimester queasiness and cravings that consist of a lot of toast.

  2. I haven’t seen Banana Oreos, but I tried the Oreo Fudgies last week–they were VERY good!

    Congrats on the second try working out better!!

  3. Engorged. Uncomfortable. Mood Swings…. makes me nervous for breastfeeding!!

    I tried the banana oreas and I totally agree with your assessment of laffy taffy aftertaste! GROSS.

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