It’s my blog and I’ll bullet if I want to.

  • Did you know there are 120 calories and 5 grams of fat PER Pinwheel cookie?  Reading that will piss you off enough to have 2 3!
  • You will hate your husband when he has just 1. ONE. 
  • He is not human.
  • He is also the one who came home with said brand of diet suicide.
  • Then you will go for an hour walk and be mad that you ate 3- you need to burn off what you HAVE not what you just scarfed down.
  • When filling out shipping info at forever 21 it asks your age, the first choice on the drop down,  Under 14.  Yeah, you think you can be forever 21 until you’re 31 and read under 14.  I did not complete the order.
  • While running a super fast grocery trip the other day I put Nate in the bjorn because it is faster than using the floppy seat, he “pushed” the cart the entire time we were shopping.  So dang cute but totally defeated the purpose of wearing him to keep away from the germs.  I’m getting (a little) better about that, I didn’t sanitize his hands when we got back to the car.
  • I am seriously counting down the days to the Design Star finale!  I really want Jen to win, she has been my favorite the whole time.   I LOVE that show-
  • Color Splash and Myles of Style are so-so.  I like the competition better, but have season passes for both.
  • Last night I pumped for 3 minutes and made it though the night comfortably.  Am sticking with it for a few more days before I try and quit again.
  • Today has been one of those super lame days where you throw on a pair of shorts and a tank and that’s good enough.  My ponytail is mocking me – am NOT Forever 21.
  • All I have accomplished today is a batch of baby food and getting Nate’s laundry washed.
  • OH- and I brought the trash cans in! HA!
  • When he is up from his nap we will take a walk (because I did not learn from yesterday’s pinwheels and lo, we have a repeat!)
  • Nap- oh how I kid- he is up there kicking the rail, I can hear it.
  • He’s got 15 more minutes before I will throw in the towel.  I think he will fall asleep before then.
  • What is the deal with “Chef Inspired” on prepackaged foods?  Lean Cuisine, Lean Pockets, what does that mean?  I hope its inspired by a chef, it is food.  Or sort of food.
  • How about that Cover Girl commercial where Drew is all “don’t let them see your foundation”  Umm,  dude I can see it from here!  Bad promo!
  • Raise your hand if you think hiring Kelly Rippa to promote kitchen appliances is going to actually sell one single electrolux cook top- HA!  I don’t believe for one second that she is cooking, don’t even get me started on whether or not she even eats!
  • I knew it, he fell asleep!
  • Nathans eye exam is tomorrow, I am going back and forth with okay and nervous.
  • That dog up there at the top.  Yeah, Bruno.  He will be 8 in September and I’m not kidding that TODAY I realized that he will listen to me the first time if I use my 4-reals voice. 
  • 8 years.
  • 8!

5 thoughts on “It’s my blog and I’ll bullet if I want to.

  1. 1. I love the bullets — very efficient and I feel totally caught up on your day 🙂

    2. “How about that Cover Girl commercial where Drew is all “don’t let them see your foundation” Umm, dude I can see it from here! Bad promo! ”

    YES! YES! YES! I always wondered if anyone but me thought that! She’s orange-y… how can they think that sells the product?!


  2. Pinwheels! They still make those? I love those cookies although goodgawd that’s alot of fat for one cookie.

    Take your time with the weaning, for me and most of my friends the weaning produced crazy hormone adjusting madness for a few weeks. People advise to go slowly. Omega 3 fish oil supplements helped a lot.

  3. I love the bullets! Not sure why though. Although, at least in the blog world, I feel that they are uniquely you. I wouldn’t recognize your blog if I didn’t see at least a couple bullet posts.

    Anywho. Sounds like you guys are doing ok. The little man’s growing so fast! I can’t believe he’s close enough to a year already that you’re talking about weaning. And I agree with you on most the the topics covered in the post. “Chef inspired”? What the heck? And why are 14 year olds shopping at Forever 21?

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more about the Kelly Rippa thing, particularly galling is the ‘a perfect marriage, great kids blurb’ on the ads. Makes me want to punch her, but I’d probably miss!

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