Ah, the four hour window

What is with that anyway?  Four hours, how would it go over if any of us were to be called in for an important project at work and say sure, I’ll be there between 10-2 and you will have to pay a premium if you expect me to actually work when I get there.  gah- so here I sit.  37 minutes into said window.   Nothing to do but wait and blog.

So, I am pretty much stuck at home today.  Sort of okay though, Nathans “schedule” is all kinds of off right now.   His feeding schedule has found its new normal but his napping is still a mess.  Some days its 1 one hour nap, some days its a 3 hour nap or yesterday was a one hour followed by a two hour.  So, being home isn’t really the worst.  I like to let him work it out, being able to put him down when hes showing sings of needing a break,  rather than putting him at 12:15 because that’s what he needed yesterday.  This has happened a few times so I hope it will sort it self out this go-round as well.   The nursing is great!  He is down to 3 times a day and I have enough milk in the freezer to get us a bit past his birthday for his oatmeal and to mix with his other foods.   Last night was the last of the pump to freeze, hopefully my body wont freak out but it probably will.  It will probably take a few days to stop producing that amount.  Which could make several uncomfortable nights. 

All of this has me anticipating weaning.  I’m really not sure how I feel about it.  One half cannot wait to have my body back to myself,  the other half is worried I will miss it.  Nathan is so busy these days that when he is eating is the only time I still feel like he is my baby, I get to just sit and hold him.  The best time is just before bed when hes all clean and soft from his bath, snuggled right up to me.    That part makes me want to keep that feeding for a while longer,, maybe I will, maybe I wont?   I suppose we will see when the time comes.  His Dr. says to nurse as long as we want but I have always been of the 1 year tops camp, and of the once the kid can say boob you’re done, camp.   But then I joined those “camps” before Nathan was here and now I just don’t know.  I imagine I will just do it, right now I am over thinking it but I know me- I will probably end up telling myself to shut up and get it over with just like I always planned.

Oh, that brings me to you all.  Help me with the sippy cup!  Nate doesn’t use a bottle and I have been giving him a sippy everyday for the past 2 months and he has had a few sips but he mostly just shakes it up and bashes it on the table before throwing it on the ground.  He has to have it figured it out by his birthday which is a short 10 weeks away.  I have only put water in it, maybe try milk?  How do you get a baby to take the cup?


13 thoughts on “Ah, the four hour window

  1. I obviously have no tips on the sippy cup thing, but I just wanted to say I can’t believe he’s turning one in ten weeks! So fast. . .

  2. My Nate didn’t take to the sippy cup until about 11 months. He was on a bottle and I started transitioning from the bottle to the cup. It only took about a week, after about two months of totally not “getting it”.

    Since your Nate is still nursing I’d offer him lots of water or juice throughout the day in the cup. He’ll figure it out, especially when you do start weaning

  3. It sounds like you have things all under control. Clara just throws sippy cups on the ground. I’ve been giving her small sips of water out of a regular cup. She loves it because she can blow bubbles. I’m having much different issues with nursing. I have yet to send Clara to day care with bottles of formula to drink instead of BM, but I’m finding it harder and harder to produce enough. I can spend 20 minutes at work pumping, only to get 3 ounces. I only have one freezer bag left in reserve. Let me know if you have heard of any great solutions. I hope to see you guys soon!

  4. Are you sure he is getting anything out of the sippy cup? If it is one you have to work really hard to get something out of it may just be another toy to him.

    I would try one that doesn’t have anything to prevent the flow to start with. Yes, it will make a mess but if its just water it will be ok until he gets the idea.

  5. Jillian didn’t want anything to do with the sippy cup until I bought one of the nuby ones. The top is soft, like the nipple of a bottle. She bites on it and sucks and is doing really good with it.

  6. It is all in good time my dear. I dont think that there is a “magic” cup or trick. He will get used to it. I don’t think that you can do anything to get him to use it more. Just keep handing it to him. He will take to it when he is ready. You will not have to give him a bottle. He may like it if you hold it for him.

  7. So, uh, who says he has to have the sippy cup mastered by his birthday? The sippy cup will take a beating and keep coming back for more. He just has to get used to it. You might have to hold it for him until he understands what the heck that thing is already! GAWD. heh. Oooh he makes me want to have another baby!

  8. He has to figure the cup out if hes off the boob by then.

    I did take the spill guard out today and let him soak himself, some went in but most of it was on him.

  9. Blythe did the same thing for a couple of months when I had water and bmilk in it. I finally gave her half juice/half water and-BINGO! Incentive enough to figure it out. I don’t know if you are anti-juice or not. But after a few cups of juice she did fine with the milk in it. Good luck! Don’t stress, he will definitely figure it out by his birthday.

    I also commisserate with you on the weaning. Its a double edged sword. Just don’t overthink it. You will do what you and Nate are comfortable with when the time comes. No need to worry about it now. Congrats on the end of pumping though! That is such a relief to be able to cut that out. 🙂

  10. Hey, I haven’t commented you in some time but I think Nathan will take to the sip cup just fine since you’ve already introduced it to him. The only way I’ve found that I can get Lili to try new stuff is to give her no other options. She is 17 months now and at her 9 month appt, the doc said I needed to start getting her off the bottle. That definitely scared me a little but I had already bought an Avent sip cup because I had read that starting with the soft spout was easiest and I let her play with it. (Lili wouldn’t even hold her own bottle to eat at 9 months because she knew someone would do it for her so you can believe the sip cup thing wasn’t easy.) Her 9 month appt was on a Monday and she was holding the sip cup and completely off the bottle by the weekend. I don’t think she minded drinking from the sip cup, but she didn’t want to hold it at first so she would cry for my attention and I would ignore her so I guess she figured if she wanted something to drink, she had to do it herself. It was much easier than I thought it would be though I HATED ignoring my baby. She had formula in the cup until her first birthday then I did 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole milk for a few weeks so the sudden change didn’t upset her tummy and now she just LOVES whole milk. I can’t really get her to drink juice but she will drink water so I guess I’m lucky there too. I don’t know what I did to deserve this child. (Oh and by the way, once you introduce a straw, it doesn’t take much time for them to learn to use it…much to my surprise giving her sweet tea not thinking she knew how to suck on a straw…and they’ll drink anything from a straw because it’s fun!)

  11. Charlotte has actually been on the sippy cup since she was… I dunno, 4 or 5 months old, off and on. Once we realized she would use it we took it away for a while and continued with the bottle, but about a month ago we completely switched to sippy cups. She took to them quite naturally (actually, she can drink out of grown-up cups too, with help).
    What we did was put milk in her sippy cup and give it to her after a nap. She was rested and relaxed and a bit more open to the experience. Once that first time was over it wasn’t a big deal anymore.
    Oh, and another thing… We used Nuby for the sippy cup transition thing. They have bottles that come with a nipple and a sippy cup spout that fits in the bottle fixture. We got her used to the new bottle and then switched the top. That made it SO much easier when we actually gave her a real sippy cup.

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