Dooms Day

Nathan continues to blow my mind.  I was in the basement on the phone with my sister half listening to the monitor over my shoulder.  Nathan is not napping, he fell asleep in the car on the way home which always throws the rest of the day off.  He was talking a little, blowing raspberries but quieting down.  Then,  I heard a bunch of thumping and static and finally, his mobile music started playing.  I ran upstairs as fast as I could, from the basement to the second floor, I think my feet touched four stairs total.  I was afraid he could be standing and his crib mattress is still at its highest setting.   He wasn’t standing at all, he had just rolled to the foot of the crib and was pushing the buttons.  Stinker! 

I am realizing everyday that life around here is on the verge of being very different.  For example,  he sits on the bathroom floor playing while I am in the shower, always in the same place I left him.  This is already risky since he can get from sitting to his hands and knees and then can roll.  His mobility is getting more advanced all the time.  The days of parking him on the floor and walking away are fleeting.  And, its freaking me out!  I sit with him a few times a day helping him practice moving, putting his knees under him, moving them back and forth to propel him forward (so far he only goes backward or does the slow army crawl on his own), we stand and he holds my shoulders, all in the name of independence.  But wait, what the hell am I doing?  NO independence, stay put baby. 

I have a ton going on this week and guests coming for the weekend so after that is all passed, we are baby proofing.  The crib mattress is going down, the mobile coming out,  random wires need moving or taping or something.  It’s got to happen asap, for my baby is becoming a kid!    

I need baby gate rec’s.  Top and bottom of stairs?  Tension or screw into the wall kind?  Can I baby proof the dog?  Yesterday he licked him and bent over and put his paw in his mouth!  Thank goodness Milo won’t sit still for it or he’d be snacking on the cat, too.


9 thoughts on “Dooms Day

  1. We’re not at that point yet, so I have no tips on Babyproofing, BUT I’m glad to hear that he had just rolled to the end of the crib and was pressing buttons.

    With the title Doomsday and the dramatic first few sentences I was afraid he had fallen out!!

  2. I feel your pain. Luckily we only need one baby gate. I think we’re going to just make a half-wall out of plywood instead, with a little door in it, to keep her in one place. The only gates wide enough to fit the space are pretty expensive and I don’t trust them to hold up to my little destroyer.
    Also, as for the wires… There’s these little velcro straps you can get to hold all the wires together. What you do after that is beyond me, but I’ve found that they certainly help for organization.

  3. you have seen the gates that we used. PAIN IN THE A&&. But they worked for what we needed them for. Chris and Jenee always mounted and they seemed so much easier to use. I would not worry about mounting at your house though.. were would you be able too? You may be stuck with the same thing that we had to do. With your banisters.. Maybe a mount on the upper floor, then you have the door for the basement. I liked the first step because he could not climb over it as easy as others. mahhhaaaaa Climbing!

  4. Screw in the wall for top of the stairs, especially if you think he might be tempted to lean on it! We couldn’t do either at the bottom of the stairs – and one day I couldn’t find her anywhere, and she’d climbed all the way up. Scared me TO DEATH.

  5. We live in a space … well, let’s just say Michael’s truck has more room than our house. I babygated the kitchen – just to keep them OUT! I don’t remember the brand (of course) but I do remember they had a quick release for parents. I also learned to keep that side opposite to the side the children were on. We were watching home movies last night and Brody was swinging off a baby gate. Trust me, baby gates (like brick walls) are only there to keep someone who is not that motivated, out. I am not sure about Nate, but if Brody could hook his big toe into it, he was up and over in a split second. His care provider used to call him Houdini!

  6. I really thought he had fallen out!! WOW! Your little one is so smart 🙂

    I still can’t get my link to work — I need more help! 🙂

  7. I was so excited when our Nate started crawling around, it was awesome. Yeah it meant I had to be on the lookout but it sure beat him crying in frustration at not being able to move himself around.

    We’re so lame/lazy we haven’t put up a gate yet. There’s only one staircase he can get into and it behind a door. so far he’s managed to get to it and crawl up the stairs twice (bad mommy, I know). It’s a screw in the wall kind which for that staircase makes sense because you can swing it open rather than take it down everytime. just depends on the traffic flow.

    fun times!

  8. Ooh, yeah lower that crib mattress ASAP! Both my girls totally surprised me by standing there smiling at me when I walked in, having never pulled up before. Nathan is totally at that age. Don’t let that big noggin full of brains topple him out! Hee hee!

    I would be a complete hypocrite to comment on baby gates since I don’t have any…BAD. I am actually trying to teach B to turn around and crawl down backwards so I don’t have to buy some crazy contraption to fit my stairs at this point and be up for 2 months or something. LAZY 😉

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