Alter Ego -Birthday- Help

Nathan has a big head and, also, these pj’s.  Looks like Mr. Red, no?  HAHAH- if you cant laugh at yourself, right?


Birthday, 31.    Whateve, I mean what do you do?  You can always be better at this and thinner than last year and blah blah blah.  I’m not feeling it at all.  No sadness about the age no excitement about the day.  Sort of feels like any old Friday.  Mike asked what we were doing for my Birthday while he is at work.  My reply “well its Friday so we are food shopping.” Cause really, that’s what we do on Fridays.  (Thanks to the Facebook friends who already said Happy Day this morning!)

And Help.  I currently have 1034 (one THOUSAND thirty four) pictures on my camera.  I need some sort of storage, cd’s, external pulgy in to the hard drive thing, what?  Right now I have a zillion folders on my desktop but they are not safe there.  I need to clear my camera before we start traveling in August.  What do you use, what should I use ?  Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Alter Ego -Birthday- Help

  1. Happy Birthday! ahh 31, I miss you.

    We have an external hard drive that we back everything up to, we had quite a scare last year. I’ve got at least 9 gigs of pics so it’s a space hog. the drive was maybe a hundred bucks.

    Splurge on lunch today!

  2. I’ll bring you a Zip Drive to upload your gazzzzillllion pictures on. Fast and simple…Ashley to the rescue. 6 days and counting!


    I just last week maxed out my memory stick and put everything onto CD. For comparison, I think I had 1500-some on there and it took me 7 CD’s. They are also on my hard drive and on snapfish, but after 2 crash and lose everything’s, I have finally learned my lesson and I’m backing up on CD. You can’t be too cautious!!!

  4. OOOH Happy Birthday! This is exactly how I celebrated my birthday (this past birthday). I think I did laundry and grocery shopping!

    As for photo storage etc., we bought an external hard drive and then copied the pictures to DVD. This is because Michael is a freak about losing things – and pictures are precious! We also sent a copy of the DVD’s to my family. Again – Michael is a freak about that! Our DVD’s are stored in our safe… which is fire proof. Sigh…

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you did something nice for yourself. I know, once you reach our ripe-old-age, birthdays don’t have the same luster… But it’s your personal new year!

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