OMG Where are you going?!

Yesterday while at the Dr. something happened to my kid.  I noticed it a bit in the waiting room when a little boy who’s name was Cole, he was 14 months old.  (I know because I’m that lady who must know about your kid and then play and talk to them until they LUVE me and them Im like – umm, your kid, could you take it away now?)  Anyway…..  Nate sort of clung to me when Cole approached.  He was interested and eventually they ended up touching each others arms and smiling.  Later while we were with the Dr he was reaching for me, several times and I would pick him up hold him for a minute and put him back, rinse, repeat.  He has never done that before. I have been teaching him “up” (i know, BAD idea) by reaching out for him and in response he reaches up.  Until then it was never him initiating.

It wasn’t until this morning that I put the pieces together.  Last night was really odd and hard.  Nathan didn’t nap yesterday, at all.  When I finally gave up on it around 4:30 and went to get him my friend was here and came with me to get him.  He LOST it,  with the hyperventilating style cry.  I picked him up and he just wrapped his entire body around me and eventually calmed down.  The rest of the night was much of the same, fine in my arms, crying if I set him down,  wailing if Bethann looked at him.  (poor girl- I promised it wasnt her- Nathan knows her and typically loves to play with her) I would leave the room and like flipping a switch he would freak out.   Seperation Anxiety.  Welcome, the door, let me show it to you!  My book reads this can come on anytime at or after the 6 month mark but I didnt see it coming.  Nathan is so social I was sort of thinking we may skip it?  HAHAH!  Rookie!  

A typical night around here is bath at 7:15 nurse down at 7:30 and it is flawless, he goes down awake and is alseep by 8, every night for the past 4 months or so.  Never an issue, perfect.  Last night as soon as I lay him down.. screaming! Pick him up and he was just fine.  It took two hours of rocking and singing and relaxing for him to finally conk out.

Today seems better but its just the two of us here, also, he cut a tooth overnight.  I think the hard to sleep was a combo of that and not napping.  Sadly, I think the seperation anxiety will run its typical course, up to a month (again reads the book.)

Timing stinks- with my friends coming up from NC next week.  I am hoping for the best.

3 thoughts on “OMG Where are you going?!

  1. You know what else is probably factoring in? The fact that he is on the verge of crawling. As soon as they realize they can get away from you, it is scary. They want to make sure you’ll still be there as they wander away. Ahhh, everybody wants a piece of Mommy. I try to just tell myself I am so loved and popular. HAHA!

  2. PS-I am so jealous of your landscape job over there. —> It looks great!!! Are you out there weeding all the time?

  3. Clara definitely has full-blown stranger anxiety. It is worse when she’s tired. She’s also more adverse to men than women. It is strange, because she has no problem going to daycare every day, but once she’s home she wants to be with me. On the news front, within a 2 week period Clara started to sit up and then crawl. It is a slow army crawl, but she gets where she wants to go. Things are changing quickly! Happy birthday!

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