38.3: Breaking Even

As of today little Nate has been on the outside for as long as he was inside.  It feels like my life began on that very day last October, and in a way it did.  Becoming a Mom has changed me a bit, not as a whole but in little ways.  Seeing things through your child’s eyes,  learning to be patient, finding you’re no longer self consious and singing and dancing in public to make the day more fun, it’s a gift.  He is the greatest source of joy in our lives.  I already wonder how on earth we filled our days before he arrived.

From Nugget to Nate, Christina to Mom. 38 weeks 3 days. A very merry un-Birthday!




8 thoughts on “38.3: Breaking Even

  1. How on earth are you still counting him in weeks and days??? You give me Mommy guilt, lady. I think I gave up after 12 weeks and just started counting in months. HAHA!

    Anyway, Ahhh, you are making me consider a third with that newbie picture! ;-)~ Love it!

  2. What a sweet picture.

    And how is it that you look so totally great in that pic after just having a baby? I looked like hell warmed over.

    Yay however many months 38 weeks is, I so forgot all that math.

  3. Seriously, I’ve done enough crying this week. Children are truly the best thing I have ever created. I sat here this weekend, looking at the clock – waiting for time to pass. It seems to pass more slow than when the boys are here. I have spent this week wondering what I will do with all my free time; which really makes me miss the boys. Ok.. none of that makes sense.

    I love that picture of you and the boy…

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