Random Wrapup

Sometimes when you sit down to write you sit and think and sit some more and take a break, come back and hell, you just cant find a way to connect whats going on in your world or your head, and so,  you know what’s coming.  The bullet summary edition.

  • Last week was hard!  I was irrational, moody, exhausted, bored and just sort of coming out of my skin.   I felt like I didn’t know what to do next, no ideas of how to spend the week.  Then Mike got a flat tire on Tuesday and I ended up stuck at home for the rest of the week and I really thought I was going to loose my mind.
  • Thursday Amy and Liem came over for the day,  Just in time too, as I was GOING NUTS suck indoors.
  • Then Friday came and with it came the nuts. 
  • Mike came home late on Friday, sensing my excitement on the other end of the phone when he called to tell me he arrived armed with flowers and ice cream.
  • Saturday,  after he finally got the tire replaced he brought me Starbucks. 
  • Then, I got to go shopping all by myself.  I went and picked up a few curtain panels to test out at home (another story) and got the grocery shopping done,  this small act had the weekend turning around.
  • Today was fantastic!  I have a new friend, not one I have mentioned here before.  She is a good friend of my two best friends at home and she moved here for grad school.  We hit it off immediately.  Today we took Nate to German Village for the home and garden tour.  It was amazing!  Fantastic gardens, architecture and design.  Paired with perfect weather (save for one quick downpour) and great company made it for a really good day.
  • Why is it that walking into multi million dollar homes makes me feel so inadequate in my design skill?  I mean I cannot compete with them, clearly.  I am fine with this.  I live in the real world of budgets and where pets exist, I cannot have a home like that.  Yet, I walk through them and say out loud, ” I think I’m good at this and then BAM- I’m deflated!” 
  • A few houses were so incredible we actually asked what the owners do for a living and if they hired a designer. 
  • This all makes me want to go to design school and really learn this! (though I don’t see that actually happening EVER!) I have no training.  I watch a load of HGTV and read a lot.  Today I was able to point at this really strange light fixture and claim it was art deco and when I got home I looked it up, I was right,  at another home I was in the garden and thought it looked Frank Lloyd Wright inspired.  The tour guide then said the exact words.  I was surprised and gloated internally. Granted, everyone has heard of Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • The tour guide was scary- she stated talking about how we need to go home and remove 7 items, his “holyness” was coming.   Okay, I told her.  Then she pointed to Nathan and said, in your case you’d probably better make it 12 things.  What is she talking about?
  • I wonder if I would be good at it- I don’t think I could do “southwest” no matter how much I was being paid.  GAG!
  • So overall the weekend was fantastic.
  • My mood is much better and I am feeling a little more balance.
  • Speaking of balance- I need to pencil in more Yoga
  • We have a lot coming up I’m going to loose it with excitement.
  • 4th of July
  • Our 6th Anniversary and Nate turn 9 months on the same day (july 6)
  • My birthday
  • My girlfriends from NC are coming for a visit
  • My trip to Denver
  • My sisters wedding and our trip to Seattle
  • road trips for baseball games
  • Summer is here
  • Mike will be ours again in just 3 more weeks!
  • God help me get through 3 more week

2 thoughts on “Random Wrapup

  1. Wow, you do have a lot going on! I hope you can keep it all sorted out in your head. I love your Flickr photos–he’s growing like a weed!

  2. All the pictures you post of your house look great. I always think that you do such a good job decorating!!

    I wish I was better at it!

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