Am I the only one?

Who is with the worlds most unobservant man?   Insert my undying love and up most respect for his ability and willingness to bend over backward to support his family.

I did some work today, some work that is typically done by the man in the house (or so I think based on my home growing up.)  I stripped some paint, sanded and painted the pillars on our front porch and painted the trim around the door and transom window.  This needed to be done, the past owners had done some touch up with a shade lighter than its original color and it was pretty obvious, plus the base of the pillars were starting to crack and peel a little so I needed to fix it.  Mike will not notice that I did this,  in fact I am certain he didn’t know it needed doing in the first place.  The day I painted the front door, I told him I was doing it.  When he got home from work I asked him if he liked it,”Oh I didn’t notice.”  This isn’t that big of a deal but sometimes I am surprised what can get past him.  Several weeks ago I put in a paver border in the back yard flowerbed.  We were outside playing with the dog and I asked him what he though.   He stopped and looked…. “I don’t see anything.”  Oh, my efforts, they are appreciated.  He laughed and apologized then told me it looked good.

A neighborhood just outside of ours that he drives by on the way to and from work for instance, two  houses burnt down.  The first two in the community, there is a stop light right at its entrance.  It had been about a month since it happened and I asked what he thought about how one was being taken care of really quickly and the other just has a tarp over the roof and a dumpster in the driveway.  He had no idea what I was talking about.

I have joked in the past about being able to by 1000 pair of shoes, as long as they are all black he will never know.  When we first started dating he asked me why I always wore the same black shirt,  obviously I wasn’t I just own a lot of black tops.   I once bought a load of  large flower pots, probably 8 for outdoors and they were sitting just inside the door of the house for at least a week, he came home and asked did I get those, today?   After having the same haircut for about two years I was in the bathroom mirror and asked him if I should keep my bangs or grow them out.  (Gah this one is the best!)  “You have bangs?”

There was a cable commercial a while back advertising for DVR.  The man was up in the middle of the night flipping channels and he freaks out when he discovers that it has a feature he never noticed before.  In his excitement, he jumps from the couch to run and tell her, he stops dead in his tracks, looks down and asks himself out loud.  “When did we get this rug?”  Mike cracked up,   “That is so me!”  Word.


4 thoughts on “Am I the only one?

  1. So this means Mike won’t notice when we come to visit? How about the flare gun? Will he notice if it goes off?

  2. Oh #1 I love you! That dang flare gun story should be a post of its own.

    Ill sum it up here— Mike was in this INTENSE rant about his hatered for cellphones and teenage cell phone owners. He said our (then unborn) children would NEVAH have them, they are not necessary and kids talking on the phone are an annoyance. I asked what they were to do in an emergency, say their POS car breaks down because you INSIST on them driving POS’S and he said… “They can use flare guns!” He said this in front of my Dad, he snarfed his beer out of his nose. I got a cramp laughing, Mikes face was calm and serious as I gasped for air. It’s a shame you all couldnt hear me tell it, it is so funny to hear it rather than to read it.

  3. Lee and I had a conversation about the “flare gun” just last week. Lee’s coworker has a 15yr old daughter who has been getting..let’s say inappropirate texts from an older guy. He went into a rant about kids not needing cell phones and that texting was not necessary in any situation. …conversations are all meaningless at that age…. blah blah…

    I say..”So what if Landyn needs us….I guess she use the flare gun idea that Mike came up with?” hahaha

    Hey…Christina, If you find a good deal on a 2 pack of flare guns, give me a shout and Ill go in half with you.

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