Help the Rookie!

We are going to be traveling a bit later this summer.  I LOVE my jogging stroller but we cannot take it with.  The way it folds down I know it will get damaged if we check it, plus it takes 3/4’s of the trunk space in my suv so we couldn’t bring our suitcases and the stroller to the airport, not to mention it not fitting in a rental car.  I need a good stroller that folds down, is relatively light weight and steers easily.   We didn’t buy the travel system for his car seat because they are in my opinion, urban assault vehicles.  Too big, and they don’t steer well and I hated it just pushing it through the store.  I expect he will be past the weight limit for his infant seat by August so the snap n’ go won’t do.

I have spent some time on line looking and just don’t know.  I need to go shopping and push them in person but figured I would ask for opinions before I go.  I’d like to spend $100 or less. 
Thanks Moms!


Edit: I am sorry I should have mentioned that a typical umbrella stroller won’t work for Nathan, he is a leaner and will fall right out.  He has to have a 5 pt harness.   I’m leaning toward this one.   It is only 11 lbs, has the harness and a carry bag.  Anyone use/have this one??


7 thoughts on “Help the Rookie!

  1. I have the travel system for Baby’s Graco seat and it actually isn’t bad. It has really good steering once you get used to the size. Other than that, I dunno. We only have the one stroller.
    Also, what carseat do you have him in now? What is the weight limit on it? Baby outgrew hers sometime in the last month and now we have her in an Evenflo Triumph. It’s absolutely massive but at least it’ll be good for ages. So I was kinda wondering what your plans were for once he outgrew his seat.

  2. His baby seat is by Baby Trend and its weight limit is 22 lbs. We have a Britax Roundabout (good to 40 inches and 40 lbs) but we havent installed it yet. His 9 month check is in a few weeks, I would like to wait to get an official weight on him first.

  3. I am completely stroller-free for the first time in nearly 8 years. I just sold my Sit “n Stand to a friend (LOVED that thing for two kids!). The only thing we have left is the Graco Baby TOY stroller for DD’s babydolls 🙂 So I wish you good luck!!! We used a backpack more for travelling than a stroller. Worked awesome in the airport. It all depends on your plans at your destination though.

  4. I say go with a cheap umbrella stroller. He is big enough to sit up and if it gets ruined on the plane no biggie.

    The only bad thing is that they usually don’t have a place for storage.

  5. I loved my MacClaren (sp?), but it was always a bit loose on the straps. So it might not be for you. I agree about the baby carrier. I take Natalie everywhere in the ergo. The thing is amazing. She loves riding on my back too. I will even hike with Gabe in it sometimes. Yes… uphill too.

  6. My sister has that stroller, and we used it for R when we were in Pittsburgh. It worked great and was really lightweight. Of course, R spilled juice all over it and now it’s stained….

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