Where CPS rings my bell

Nathan is waking up very quietly these days. Nary a peep from the little stinker.  I go in to check on him after a normal amount of time for a nap and lo, he is wide awake.   Not just awake, but entertaining himself.  

Exhibit A:



He is fairly mobile now and pretty strong.  How much of a threat is this?  (ignoring the fact I laughed and ran to get the camera after discovering him this way) I removed the quilt that is in his hand but the bumper is still in there.  The back of his crib is solid so I have “command” hooks that I tie it too along the back (which you cannot see when the bumper is in place cause HELLO that would drive me nuts) but he is obviously getting it off fairly easily.   He does sleep with a blanket and while some people may think that is also a huge no-no, I am okay with it, and there is also a burp cloth to catch the pool of baby drool. 

The deal with the bumper is I can remove it and risk his feet getting stuck in the rungs, or leave it and let him tear it down everyday.  Catch 22?  What do you think, what did you do with your kids?


7 thoughts on “Where CPS rings my bell

  1. As we have talked about- Feet stuck is worse then re-tying. I don’t think that it is any danger to him as he is so stronger. There is something about being woken up in the middle of the night to the sounds of a shrill scared cry, and going in to remove said feet from the rungs (heart breaking really) Good luck 🙂

  2. We still have our bumper up. Baby also sleeps with a blanket (has from the very beginning) and her favorite frog (since she was… I dunno, four months?). I don’t think his feet would get stuck, exactly–they’re still too small–but there’s no harm in leaving the bumper up.
    It’s adorable that he’s getting to the I’m-gonna-lay-in-bed-and-play stage. Lets Mom get a couple more minutes of sleep, at least.

  3. I took Gabe’s bumper off at around 4 months. He just slept sometimes with his legs sticking out of the crib. I actually called the pediatrician about this and they told me not to worry. I didn’t take Natalie’s bumper off until she started using it as a step stool to get out of the crib. That was about 3 months ago ( at 2 yrs). At first she would bump her head on the rails and cry, but she figured it out pretty quickly. The most annoying part is the fact that her binks fall out of the crib now.

  4. I left them on – until we took the crib down. I had to use baby oil to remove my skinny son’s leg/foot a couple of times. And the ties just slide down when they try to stand on it to get out of the crib anyway. My kids also slept with a blanket (or two – one to hold, one to cover). At that age I also left sturdy books/toys in their beds too so they would be happy and entertained when they woke up or as they fell asleep. Only my DD ripped books, even board books, so she got mostly toys.
    Just take down anything that he can reach or pull onto himself – pictures, hanging things. I had to take stuff off a shelf.

  5. We have bumper pad, quilt on the back of bed, a blanket, her “lovey” (stuffed lamb) and a dragon toy that has teething rings on it, plus 3 or 4 pacifiers. I’d say leave everything except stuff he can pull down and hurt himself with or stuff that will help him escape!

  6. I love you guys! I so appreciate that you tell me there are 8 things in your kids crib and I am not alone, and that this isnt that big of a deal. I appreciate your honesty more than you know.
    Thanks 🙂

  7. I wasn’t able to keep the bumper on with Brody, he was crawling and walking so quickly, that the bumper was used as a step. Evan never slept in a crib, he was in the bassinet and then in a big boy bed (before age 1) because we had to get bunk beds.

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