On life and it’s little miracles

 I thought today’s post would be titled something along the lines of “Birth Control- Get Some.”  This morning Amy dropped little Liem off so they could move into their new home .  I was worried, I cannot lie.  What if they both freak out at the same time, need to eat at the same time, poop, say it with me, at the same time.  What will I dooooooo?  Well, none of that has happened, yet.  I still have a few more hours before he goes home.  Though, I will be sad to hand him back to his Mommy. 

As I type this its about a quarter to 3.  In my left ear is the swing, with the little baby in it, my right is the monitor with the big baby and his mobile.  Both napping.  See, if they were both MY kids, they’d most likely not nap at the same time.  I think Liem is messing with me, making this easy.  Not a good idea, kid!

Before having Nathan we always had a time line in mind and were pretty sure that we would stick to it.  We are not sticking with it.  I am not outing any of our future plans for procreation but there are plans and right now they more ballpark than a set date.  Surprise to both of us really.  Since we do plan every detail of everything.   I cant say that I am any more excited or ready for #2 having this tiny one here, what with the soft skin, noodle neck and his new baby smell.  But I do feel like when we are ready, it wont be as scary as I thought. Of course, I didn’t try to leave the house today.  And neither have gone and pooped at the same time, either.  So you know, there is that.

Pictures of the meeting. 





9 thoughts on “On life and it’s little miracles

  1. Oh, God… And here I am, been off my pill for a week and a half and unable to get more until tomorrow… You’re making me want to reproduce…AGAIN!
    Nathan is precious as always, and the look on his face with the little baby is just priceless. You have a sweet little boy!

  2. So, so adorable. Nathan looks just HUGE next to Liem. I have NEVER EVER tried to care for two children at once, so I am all footloose and fancy free about having a second child. Of course, I had never even changed a diaper before my FIRST child, so… I have confidence I’ll get the hang of it someday.

  3. You know….it was pretty much Nathan that made me want to reproduce…again! haha

    What goes around comes around…

  4. Awww, what cute pictures! As for #2, that’s why we are pregnant for, hopefully!, 38-42 weeks! It gives us time to get used to the idea of having 2. And it gives #1 time to grow up a bit more while we get used to the idea of having another helpless infant around. When I was ready for #2, DH told me he wanted to wait until our DS was p/t. Not too long after that statement, DS told me he wanted to wear underwear and actually p/t pretty fast. For me, that was huge – only ONE in diapers, only ONE waking up at night, only ONE who was totally helpless.

  5. Amy- YES! Yes to all of that. the time to get use to the idea, the pt’ing! One waking in the night…. I agree 100%!

    @ everyone else– thanks for the compliments on ma’ boy! A Mom cannot hear her kid is cute enough 😉

  6. Glad that you wrote this before the butt explosion! LOL! Sorry, it had to be said! LOVE that little man LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! MUAHHHH!!! (and I wanted to see what little monster I would get when I left a comment)

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