Bits of Mom

Swistle wrote today about “Mom Style”.  What do you remember about your Mom when you were little.

I don’t talk much about my Mom here.  We have an odd relationship, once I hit my teens she turned from Mother to Friend.  Now that I am grown we might talk on the phone once a month.  I want more from her but this seems to be plenty on her end.  That being said these are the things I remember in regard to style,  clothing, makeup, accessories.

  • turquoise leg warmers- 4 babies= lots of time with Jane Fonda in our living room
  • wide white elastic belt with a huge butterfly buckle
  • nail polish
  • eyelash curler
  • shimmery eye shadow
  • hot rollers
  • home perms/home hair color (and the smells!)
  • white gold necklace with a pearl and diamond pendant
  • antique vanity table with lighted magnifying mirror
  • red maternity pants with plaid top- she hated this outfit but seemed to wear it a lot
  • stretchy silver watch
  • white dr scholls sandals, wooden soles with the brass buckle over the top.
  • tube tops
  • huge sunglasses, dark lenses with clear and red frames



There is more but it starts to blend into other areas of her life.  Hobbies of sewing everything from costume’s to drapes and painting the front window for Halloween and Christmas, baking wedding cakes, pies, cooking everything from scratch, gardening and candle making, canning fruit.  I don’t remember her ever being bad at anything she tried when it came to keeping herself busy.  I wish she would have taken the time to teach us 4 girls how to sew and crochet and bake but raising 4 kids and doing these things must have been hard enough.  She did however teach us how to clean, maybe that is how she got it all done?  We scrub the toilets and vacuum while she cooks.

As I look back at all of this it makes me wonder what my kid(s) will remember about me from when they were small.  If I have boys it will be much different than if I have a girl.  I imagine it will be more along the lines of chocolate cookies and super soakers than red toes and lots of shoes.  Still, I hope one day I have this conversation.  Just for fun.

What do you remember about your Mom when you were small? 




9 thoughts on “Bits of Mom

  1. What I remember most is her smell… She smelled like sweat and lumber (from work) and coffee. She was a volunteer fire fighter before she had me and she wore her t-shirt from that ALL the time. Her old jeans… I actually have a couple pairs of them.
    My mom wasn’t a girlie girl so there weren’t home perms and hair colors, but she did teach me to bake and sew at a very young age. Every time I smell those no-bake chocolate/peanut butter/oatmeal cookies I think of her.
    I too wonder what Baby will remember of me when she gets older.

  2. Victoria, that made me smile! My dad was a volunteer fire fighter.
    You are lucky she had the time to teach you things. Heidi and I joke that the only thing we got from Mom was to wipe from front to back. Lots of what we learned was from our Dad and Grandparents. Mom was very loving , dont get me wrong. She was just very busy.

  3. Interesting topic.

    Well, my mom has had the same haircut ever since I have known her, so I remember that! She NEVER wore her hair up unless we were on a beach. She used “Chocolate Kiss” rinse on her hair. She wore a few pairs of very high-waisted wide-leg pants in pastel colors, and this one-piece thing that was tube top at the top/palazzo pants at the bottom and it was bright colored vertical stripes. A bit “clowny” but also way cool. She also has this green pendant shaped like a heart that I continue to be fascinated by to this day. Its very smooth and shiny. She wore Charlie perfume and some Musk stuff that smelled horrible. Oh she also had roll-on perfume from Avon that I used to sneak into her closet and…lick. Yes, like a lollipop! Hello, chemical poisoning! Maybe thats what is wrong with me??! She also had a red gingham apron with ruffles around the edges, like straight off the Betty Crocker cookbook. 🙂

  4. What I really remember from childhood is my mom’s hands. The way her platinum engagement ring and wedding band looked, especially when she had a tan. How her nails were always short but perfectly rounded. How those nails felt when I’d been bad and they dug into my upper arm. How she could stir chocolate chip cookie dough so fast it blew my elementary-school brain. How she would coax a smile from my baby brother from running a finger along his cheek. And now, I look down at my own hands, and I see hers. It’s sobering.

  5. Oh I totally remember doing Jane Fonda with my mom in the living room. I think I was maybe 7 years old. And afterward I’d get a frozen jello pudding pop. Those were the days..

  6. My mom had hot rollers in her hair 24 / 7 it seemed.

    She wore White Shoulders that I can still pick out of a crowd with just one sniff!!

  7. I think every shirt my mom had from the day I was born until the mid 90’s ALL had shoulder pads. What a look!! 😉

  8. Wow, what an interesting idea – there are definite things I remember so clearly. The smell of Channel #5 is huge. I think it’s such a great scent and I have friends who wear it, but to me it just smells like my mom. My mom was a teacher and sitting outside in the sun during lunch in the summertime was something we did every day. Tortillias with cheese under the broiler, navy blue sweat pants and turtlenecks. About a year ago, I had on a turtleneck and threw a sweatshirt on over it (I was at home and cold, I would not wear this outside the house, ha ha.) I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was so reminded of my mom that it made me do a double take. Yikes.

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