Motherhood, it’s surprising

There are a lot of things I do these days that made me shutter when other women in my life would do them.   Even now that I have a kid of my own I acknowledged that they are gross, but I have found myself right there with them and not caring one bit. 

  • I share my fruit with an 8 month old.  He holds my apple, banana, nectarine (his FAV!) and sucks on it, then I eat it.  I bite little pieces off for him and feed him like he is my little bird.   His spit is my condiment.  See?  Gross!
  • I wipe his spit up and drool off his face and onto my own clothes when I don’t have a burp rag handy.  See?  Gross!
  • I check to see if he’s got ” a bat in the cave” before we get out of the car, when he does, I pick his nose, and usually wipe it on myself.  OMG that is Gross!
  • I don’t get grossed out when he pees or poops in the tub, I just fish it out and refill the tub.  Um, SUPER Gross.
  • Bruno licks his face and hands,  I do clean him after but still, Gross.
  • He licked the carpet this morning while scooting around on his belly and made this face like OMG A FUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ- eh eh eh eh.  I dug it out, and guess where I wiped it? 
  • I am letting him scoot around on the floor without a blanket.  The floor is clean’ish- I say “ish because even with very regular vacuuming we still have a dog and cat, the house will never be without fur on the floor.  Getting cat hair in your mouth is GROSS!
  • My outfit is acceptable if I only have one wet spot of his drool on me.  Trying to go out dry and clean is a waste of my time! 
  • I don’t care if someone notices I have a wet spot on my top- so what if my kid is sucking on my shoulder.  YOU wanna hold him
  • I sing out loud now, and in front of people.  I never did that before but it makes the kid happy so now I don’t care that it sounds like nails on a chalkboard.  Not gross but surprising.
  • The soundtrack constantly running in your head will make you hate yourself!  Every toy that we have plays the same 5 songs. I know what order they play and find myself singing along. Mike and I will find ourselves simultaneously humming If your happy and you know it.


OHHH!  Speaking of that stupid song, Nathan started clapping last night. I nearly cried it was so cute, and his face was shocked like- “DUDE! I have been practicing that in my head forever do you see me, IM CLAPPING!”  And that right there, is why you wipe someone else’s boogers on your pants!




5 thoughts on “Motherhood, it’s surprising

  1. We are in an elite club now. Mommy-dom is awesomely gross. Lee and I are singing Noggin songs all of the time. “Beside the Seaside…” I wouldnt change a dang thing…and looking forward to round #2.

  2. Oh Noggin! We sing Heyyy It’s Nathan! To the tune of Franklin. And, his name fits the Mickey House Clubhouse theme song. The number of letters fit perfectly. N.A.T.H.A.N-R.I.L.E.Y.
    I know, I know, no TV before 2 but what is 5 minutes while I am blow drying my hair?

  3. MotherHood- Population us. We have been expecting you 🙂 Welcome! LOL! You think this is all gross??? Waiti until you have potty trained twice! WOW!!!!

  4. I’m right there with you. NEVER thought I would do many of the things I do. You’ve got several more ahead of you too…. when your baby has a pukey virus and you hear that tell-tale gag and rush, hands cupped together, to catch. Uh huh, good times!

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