Frankie says Relax

We are getting to know each other by now, yes?  Been hanging around long enough to spot the over reacting a mile away.  So, you know then you can never be too rich, too thin, or too far down on the table.  Right, then.  Moving on.

I ordered my brides maid dress this morning.  I tried on all of my dresses last night trying to get a grasp for what size I may need to try on.  The sizes I own from David’s are 2 and a 6 (which I never ended up wearing (10 wks preg at date of wedding- could not stop barfing my guts out! Sorry Stacy) TG cause it was gigantic- I am sure it is at least a 8 or 10- CONSPIRACY!)  The 2 fit from the waist down, but couldn’t zip around the chest, the 6 was too big in the torso but also did not zip all the way up.  The dresses I wore for my wedding parties all fit, all j.crew,  all 4p.  Once at the store I asked for a 2-8.  The lady was really cool about it.  I was all prepared for the “but the booooooobs they are not mine!”  speech.  Any hoo.  The 4 fit.  It is a little tight up top and a little big overall but it is fine.  So not worthy of my freak out I had a few days ago- I have no idea about the bra issue at this point.  The dress is not structured enough to really hold them in so I have to figure something out.  But, I will.  It will need hemming, so I will have to address that too.  But again, so not that big of a deal. 

This brings me to my next issue.  I have always had pretty deeply seeded issues with my figure.  Most of my adult life I have never been happy with it.   Constantly gaining and loosing the same 5 lbs.    Something about having a baby has helped me to not be so dang hard on myself.  I do wish I looked better, firmer here, smaller there but overall I’m not as caught up as I used to be.   I watch what I eat and make healthy choices most of the time, we go for walks a few times a week and I make sure to stay as active as I can during the day.   I think that not working is helping, too.  I’m not eating out of boredom or because someone brought in a platter of whatever,or getting take out for lunch now and then or stopping at Starbucks a few times per week.  Adding the activity and cutting out the garbage and most likely the nursing has helped me thin out.  I put on the dress I wore for my bridal shower and it fits, it fits better than it did when I wore it for the party.  I don’t know if that is why I’m not beating myself up as much as I used to or maybe having the baby changed my perspective enough that I just sort of changed with out noticing and that’s gotten me to where I am now.   I don’t know.  What I do know is I am doing better, I know I am not cured since I still poke and squish at myself but I hope this is the start to a healthy self image.  We’ll see. It’s ridiculous that I had to gain and loose 52 lbs to get a stinking grip.  Sheesh!


4 thoughts on “Frankie says Relax

  1. Having R gave me the same perspective on my body – the last time I weighed this much (not pregnant), I referred to my self as “the fat bridesmaid” at my sister’s wedding. Now. I’m being calm and methodical, eating better, working out when I can. But the extra seven pounds? Whatever. I earned them.

  2. Being pregnant has been interesting as far as body image goes. I am much more comfortable in my swimsuit this summer than I have been in a long time. I think I am just impressed with what my body is doing and not so worried about how it looks while doing it. . . if that makes any sense.

  3. That will feel great on that blister! Hopefully things will “calm” down by then with Mr. N’s nursing less frequently.. (sad thought?) And you look fabulous right now. To be able to wear a 4 8 months after giving birth is fantastic! My “baby” will be two next month and I just ordered a size 8!!!!

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