I am still making time to plan out our days/week by making lists.  That works for me, I am a list maker.  I feel organized and accomplished when I can cross off a task, it’s just how I roll.  Some days I am digging deep for something to write down, ANYTHING, there are days where “clean cat box” makes the sheet, though that is a daily chore I put it down because somethings got to go on the list, a blank column for Tuesday is depressing.   Other weeks things just work out, a great balance between laundry, running errands and a just because I feel like it activity like going to the Scrapbook Studio or Marshall’s.   I tend to cope better with my own existence if I can balance out the mundane with a treat for myself thrown in there.    Wash floors in morning, go shopping after the mid day nap.  I need little things go look forward too.

This week is all off!  ALL OFF!  I have this huge list of crap that I have to do, stuff that gets me out of the house and its all good but it is WAY too much to do in one week.  I have to shop for Fathers Day, plan the FD dinner,  I have to go and buy/order my BM Dress,  I need to get some stuff in the mail to Tammy as well as get a spreadsheet of addresses ready for her, Nathan has a photo appt on Thursday, Friday is grocery shopping day.  And then there is the normal run the house stuff,  vacuum, dust, mop, clean bathrooms,  wash laundry, pay bills, cook dinner, exercise, shower, AND I’m in the middle of two new scrapbook pages that I really want to keep working on. 

Too much for one week.  I can already tell you that the floor moping and cleaning bathrooms have been down graded,  not the scrap booking but the general cleanliness of my house.  Am responsible adult. Nathan is napping now, I’d better go get my sheets in the wash, though I’d much rather go check my google reader and stick around and play.   It makes me wonder how the Moms who work do it.  How do you find the time to get it all done? 


Little update on Project Make Nice with Neighbor Darcy with out stalking her:  We had an awkward exchange yesterday as I could.not.stop.myself. from bolting across the street when she took her dog out, armed with a load of magazines for her (last month’s issues that were headed to the recycling bin). I offered them up to her, made some stupid comment about how I thought she might like them since she is probably sitting for a good 8 hours a day feeding the baby , then we talked for a minute about how things are going she thanked me for the mags and we hurried back in to our kids.  I felt so wired, like it wasn’t my business and she mentioned pumping and I got excited that she’s nursing and while I didn’t say anything inappropriate I just didn’t feel good about it… like it was too personal a conversation for us since we don’t know each other yet.  BUT- a few hours later, she and her husband brought the baby over for us to meet!  YAY- so apparently I didn’t scare her off.  Now I am feeling really good about the possibility of our being friends.


2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Ah, honey, I’m so happy that you’re making nice with your new neighbor!! I’ll admit that, since we moved, I take Tony out on walks ALL. THE. TIME. in the hopes that someone with a baby will come out and chat. Isn’t that stupid?

  2. Working and being mommy is a constant balancing act.. But you just have to learn that the “household” stuff will ALWAYS be there, if you need to get out, it will wait for you to get back (trust me – there is NO ferry!) There is nothing wrong with the bathroom waiting until tomorrow. No one will notice (except you). SOOO happy about your neighbor encounter!!!!

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