Her day, will obey.

I can think of nothing worse than being a bridesmaid this summer (okay last summer would have been harder being pregnant and all).. then I saw the dress she picked out.  It’s a wedding at my grandmas house, in the yard.  A small gathering, very informal.   She promised something cute and casual, probably from a dept store, simple, comfortable, affordable.  Or so she said.   Then I got the call,  a floor grass length black (for the middle of August- read- hot) dress with a halter top.  It is a lovely gown, I would love it if I were not nursing, if it were indoors.  I don’t think I will be able to find a strapless bra in this size, even if I do strapless bras are worthless with normal boobs, there is no way they can support a working pair.

I hate Davids Bridal.  This will be my 3rd bridesmaid dress from them.  I am 100% convinced the dress’s on the floor are a size smaller than the tag.  Each time I order what fits and it comes huge.  I am sure its a conspiracy to bring business to the alteration dept.  This time I will order the size I need, not what the tell me to order!   I will not let the sales woman barge in on me while I am trying the dress on to pick my chest up where it belongs, and tuck things in and tell me this is all wrong, this is not your size and convince me that I need a larger one.   Man, this all sucks, the matching shoes and jewelry and god help me she’d better not request all up do’s, this is not the prom. If she does you can bet I will wear a low pony tail.  This all sounds sort of mean but when Heidi (she let me choose my shoes and got me different jewelry- she gets me!)and I got married Stacy and Tammy were young, my parents paid for their dresses and accessories, it was fun for a 15 and 17 year old to be BM’s.  (ha-ha, bm- EXACTLY!) I have a new appreciation for what I put my dear sisters in law through- I guess I’m on the karma payment plan.

 The up side is the trip home, I am looking forward to the event, I just wish I didn’t have to conform.  I don’t react well to being told what to do or what to wear, for anyone.

The other upside is having select few family members know about your blog so you can talk smack about being a bridesmaid, and how you think that getting married at 21 is not a good idea.  But, my opinion is just that and you know, opinion’s and assholes.




9 thoughts on “Her day, will obey.

  1. I must say that for the first time in a long time you have made me frown. Your sister, and her sisters, your mother, and especially me were there for you one one of the most spectacular days , , , ever. We all “complied” with exactly what you wished for. For you to be more concerned about supporting your boobs than you are about doing your part to make her day as special as we can is very disturbing to me. Please rethink what is and isn’t truly important before you get there. Even if you don’t feel you owe it to her, you surely owe it to me to put on a happy face and be the big sister I know you can be.

  2. @ Dad- I do owe her, that is why I will wear what ever she asks me to. I wont have to put the happy face on, it will come naturally.
    I am not missing any importance. I understand what this day means to her as well as any former bride. I am doing everything I can to insure her happiness. I know its just the dress. With this being my little corner of the world I wanted to vent about it, in a way that assumes no risk. Don’t worry about my failing her as a sister, I wouldnt dream of it.

  3. Really it is unrealistic to think that one dress will look good on several different girls, because we are all so different.

    I didn’t do this (and if I could go back I think I would!), but at my friend’s wedding she picked the color (at David’s Bridal, but still) and then let us each pick the style of dress that we liked best.

    And I agree about the alterations conspiracy. . . I had to WORST experience getting my wedding dress altered with them!! The lady barely spoke English and did it all wrong. They barely got it finished in time for my bridal portraits.

  4. You don’t have to go strapless! Victoria’s Secret has a huge variety of sizes and they have a great convertible bra that you can turn into a halter bra. For your purposes, that would have to be more supportive than a strapless.
    I agree with your dad, sorta–after all, you only have to do this once, and a few hours really isn’t all that bad–but I also think that the bride has a responsibility to her girls, who have done her a favor by being there for her in the first place. One dress won’t always look good on everyone and the dress this young lady has chosen DOES seem impractical for the type of wedding she has decided upon. But try to hang in there–as long as she’s being good about everything else, count your blessings.
    And why is it such a bad idea to get married at 21? Just curious. Everyone has different reasons.

  5. Oh gosh. Vent away! It could be worse though. I had to wear a VELVET long sleeve black dress in a formal Catholic wedding at the beginning of September one year. I thought we were all going to die! All that heat, all that up & down oh man….

    As for the 21, wellllll, FG was 22 and I was 23. We got engaged before he was 21. In two days it will have been 14 years and we’re still going pretty strong. It’s not always a bad idea that young 😉

    Now that you’ve vented, I hope you can make the best of the day!

  6. David’s is an absolute rip off…. Among my closet FULL of bridesmaid dresses is one that cost MORE than the brides dress. She fell in love with them and we just had to have them. As much as I love weddings I am happy to report that I do believe my bridesmaid days are behind me.

  7. Hate David’s bridal, bah! they are the worst. so many mix ups, thankfully it was for a friend’s wedding or else I would have really been losing it.

    Bridesmaid dresses – meant to be ugly and expensive. it’s just what they are. unfortunately.

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