I talk so much about how I adore design both in fashion and home.  I decided to do a flickr album with pictures from around the house.  My house is largely unfinished, it is a work in progress.  We moved to this home from a small townhouse, so when we moved in here we had more empty rooms than furnished.  The only room that is really done is Nathan’s and even so I keep adding things and want more closet organization so that’s not really completeeither.  I keep a large notebook with all of my ideas, paint chips, tear sheets dated so I know to go and check a website to see if the desired item is still available or better yet, on sale.  I have a section for each room, a section for maintenance, one for needs, for wants and for yeah right- you’re dreaming.  The other night I was on the couch with it and Mike asked what I was up to… “just trying to make this place home.”  He is so damn sweet, “anywhere you and Nathan are is home.”  “True but don’t you want it to be stylish, too?”  He’s not too concerned about that,, whateve.

Because I do love this so much I’m sort of a looky-loo.  I crane my neck when I go for walks around the neighborhood, always trying to sneak a peak of what’s going on in there.  I go to open houses in the neighborhood, too!  That’s the guiltiest (is that a word) pleasure.   So, in that vein.  I offer you a look into our home, cause really.  Why not?  Ya’ll know everything else about us.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I totally do the same thing regarding Open Houses. Cause I’m just a stalker that way. I always say I’m “researching neighborhood prices”, but pshaw.. I wanna see what flooring they have.

  2. Okay, so I just found the best find and knowing you, you already know about it, but Ebay has REALLY cool and cheap artwork! I don’t do posters and you can only have so many pictures of yourself and family up before you look creepy so I went on Ebay and they have awesome paintings on canvas and super cheap! You should check it out as you continue to design the house 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing — I hope to see it in person before too long. I do “hate” you for having such a perfect house. I’m still unpacking from New Orleans and Clara’s toys and blankets are now a permanent installation on the livingroom floor. Oh well — next weekend I’m going on a “garden tour” — a pass that lets me tour around several private gardens in town. I hope to get my fix of snooping and dreaming about what I’d like my garden/house to look like some day.

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