It’s happening again.  That urge I get to do things, decorate, purge, organize.   I’m done with the front yard (wanna see?) and its looking really good.  I am very happy with it actually.  The back yard is far from finished but its tidy and looking better.  I don’t know if its having that project finished or if was the basement ordeal that got me going this time.  Whatever it was it’s here.

The day was really productive  until I got a email for an art sale. Then I was all about operation living room.  I had the tape measure and my blue painters tape and oh my the walls are a sight.  But, we have made some choices and will actually buy things now.  I have been looking at stuff for ages.  I am slow to commit.  The main painting for over the couch has been chosen since December but I am just now ready to actually go for it.  I had one mirror in mind and just yesterday decided I H8TED it and chose another.  I am feeling less gun shy and Mike is in agreement with my plans.  Onward!  I am very excited.  Making our house home is my absolute favorite hobby.  Ever.  When I was a kid I would redo my bedroom nearly every month, rearranging the furniture, re organizing the makeup in my Caboodle, putting my tapes into alphabetical order, moving the posters and ODG the plastic bags from the cube and BP (did anyone else do that?)  I was always into space planning.  Always, I would sit on my daybed and draw up the floor plan, then the walls.  I still do it.  After that little whim had fulfilled me I went on about my day.

Later when I put Nate down for the night I was on fire.  It started in the kitchen, then led to the laundry room.  Throwing out dishtowels, cleaning out under the sink,  washing crumbs from the silverware drawere, then I organized the cleaning supplies (seriously, WHO does this stuff?) eventually I ended up putting away a load of laundry and that unleashed another monster.  I have a few respectable sized piles of clothes, shoes and bags some to toss, some to sell, some to donate.  

 This morning I still have the bug.  I want to have a garage sale.  Suddenly all of this stuff that I love so I hang on to but have no use for is bothering me.  Curtains and rods from our old place, lamps, vases, flower pots, dishes, small appliances, picture frames, candle holders just loads of stuff from my last two homes that no longer fit our evolving style.  I want to get rid if it all.  I am looking at everything with this new perspective, it is very strange.  I have always loved a good closet clean out but this is a lot deeper than that. If i don’t use it, its outta here!   I like it, it feels good. 

6 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Dude, I feel you. I was THE QUEEN OF BEDROOMS growing up. I had a new bedset and room design every six months. I bought a new bedroom set when we moved into the new house, and I think it will be my last. (For a few months, anyway.)

  2. Ok- you forgot to mention your painting! That room took the cake! All different colored squares! I remember trying to make my room look like yours. Getting out my target bags and getting so upset that it did not look the same! LOL! Ohh to wanting to be just like your cooler older sister!

  3. Sitting down in a room that has just been reorganized/cleaned/rearranged/redecorated is always such a great feeling.

    I am working on the nursery and every time I get something accomplished in there I just want to sit and admire the room, lol.

  4. LOVE IT!!! Nothing I love more than purging a closet or cleaning out cabinets 🙂

    I am going to take on my pantry this weekend — watch for a blog completely devoted to the process. I think I might even build new shelves 😉

    Keep me updated on this garage sale thing — I’ve never had one but it sounds fun!


  5. I loved my caboodle :).

    Sadly, I too would organize the cleaning products – if only they ever got messed up that is.

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