Slowly improving, slowly rambling

I had the mother of all rants ready to post on Friday but I saved it as a draft rather than publishing so I could take a breath and revisit whether or not things were really that bad.  They were, at the time.  Friday was to be the end of the basement madness.  The air movers and dehumidifiers were to be taken out, carpet put back, furniture back in place, we had an appointment with the plumber to fix the pipe, it was supposed to be over.  HA! Over, it was NOT.

The Mr. Flood jackhole was supposed to come before 10am.  He called at 12 and said he’d be here “first thing Saturday” (he got here at 2 after I called his boss and asked exactly how many more hours I was to waste waiting for this guy- who by the way was a no show two other days during the week!)  So my morning was shot, I had skipped grocery shopping waiting, the plumber got here at 2:45 ( 45 minutes late, seriously cant ANYONE show up when they say they will?)  After he and his grunting plumbers crack side kick were in and out for a good 30 minutes, wearing their dirty boots the whole time he informed me we were SOL.  The pipe could not be repaired without tearing the drywall out.  All they could do is put in a stop gap (?) before the break and the faucet would no longer have running water.  This means no water in the front of the house.  So, Friday afternoon I was shot,  exhausted from all of this. 

The fans are all gone now, its quiet down here again but the work isn’t done.  Turns out that Mr Flood is happy to rip your carpet up but they don’t put it back.  We have to have someone come out and stretch and re tack it all.  That means I’m sitting at the desk and right here -> that’s the love seat.  In front of it is the couch.  The tables and all of Nate’s toys are still in the storage area and our TV cabinet is in the middle of the dang room.  But, we are getting closer.   I hope we can get a carpet guy here this week so we can have our house back to normal.  I don’t know how people live through renovations.  Is it the promise of something new and better?  Is that what gets you through?  I commend you!  This did nothing but make me stabby.

After the dude came on Saturday I felt instantly lighter.  Even with the basement still a wreck, it was dry and my week of waiting around for him was finally over. 

Next I had to find something to wear.  We had a party to go to Sunday evening and it was on the dressy side.  I parked Nate on the floor with some blocks and started trying things on.  Pants, all too big.  Dresses, not an option- refuse to show tattoos at work party’s and have a cut on one calf, bruises on shins and poison Ivy on the other leg… pretty!   Am such a lady.  I have a lot of clothes that I love, I tried on who knows how many combinations and nothing fits these milk jugs.  So,  Nate and I went shopping. I got a bit more than I was after but whateve.  Then ya’ll Mike and I went to dinner!  Aside from Mother’s Day I honestly cannot tell you the last time we went out.  It may have been February?  We are a go out to eat 1 or 2 times per weekend house so not going out has stunk!  It was so nice.   This is so incredibly lame but just being in the car together felt like a treat. When we got home I put the baby to bed and we hung out the rest of the night,  I may  have fallen asleep before 10 but it was still a really great day.

Today, I got to go grocery shopping alone!  I had been doing that for a few weeks before we entered the dreaded busy work season but not since.  It was great.  I stopped for a Chai first, something I cannot do with Nate.  Draggin his 20 lb butt around in his 8 lb carrier with my 6 lb purse and holding a hot drink?  Fu’gedaboutit.  I do love having the time alone, its easy, I can take my time, I don’t have to pick his monkey up 13 times after he drops it in the cart.  But, it’s strange too.  I feel like part of me is missing.  Sometimes I worry that my attachment to him is more than it should be?  Anyway.  I shopped alone, with my drink, was lovely.  Then, tonight we went to the work party.  It was in the town that I love (where we would love to move if Mikes career goes well, and we stay in OH) where the food is catered and there are waiters who come and fill your wine water glass.  I felt cute, my hair styled well, my wedges didn’t sink into the grass and Nathan was a stinking delight! Ug that kid, again I ask the universe what I did to deserve him.  Truly, I do not know.  I used to say that I would deserve ugly kids for all of the years I was so mean and judgemental… maybe the universe is F’ing with me, maybe #2 will be ugly as sin?  We’ll see but this one is just perfection. He let total strangers hold him and walk around with him, with neither Mike or I in his sight!  I thought he’d freak out, it started out as a bit of an experiment and he was doing so well that Mike and I got to eat dinner while others entertained him.

I don’t know why I was so upset by the whole basement thing.  It was time suck, a bit expensive and a huge inconvenience, yes. But, it was just one for the shit happens column on your savings account spread sheet.   Now that we are almost done with the whole thing it’s less of a big deal than just yesterday.  Sometimes it is just so easy to get sucked into it.   I know this week will be better, this weekend totally re-energized me,  and I tell you what I really needed it.  After spending time as a family I feel so much better, about everything! 


ps. Work party tonight got me invited into a Moms group!  SCORE.  Also, I got up the nerve to meet my pregnant neighbor last weekend.  Her name is Darcy and she is great.  She has since birthed a baby girl named Camile Elizabeth.  My money is on her being Nate’s first girlfriend. I think this will work out well, her husband is really cool too.  Our dogs almost ate each other later the same day and we were both still cool. Thats a good sign right? OH AND I learned that the house next to hers has a little boy born the same week as Nathan and a 5 year old brother.  Had NO idea!  May have my very own dream neighborhood right here, where I live.  YAY!!  See, things?  Looking UP.


5 thoughts on “Slowly improving, slowly rambling

  1. So proud of you…just don’t let the neighbor take my place!

    Always, # 1 B!

    PS: I have no idea how i’m going to survive this time without you when Jenny is out. I might just actually kill mahself!

  2. Glad to hear that things are looking better for you! Congrats on finally meeting the new neighbor. . . I keep hoping I’ll start meeting people at my apartment complex, but no luck so far. The couple across the hall looks close to our age, but they are not even kind of friendly. Not even a smile when you pass them on the stairs.

  3. Dude!!!!! I totally love this post! I loved dressing up and feeling pretty when my babies were little. Heck, I like it now! As for the tattoos…well they are a part of me – whoever sees them – sees them. I don’t put them on display, but I’m totally not going to NOT wear a smokin skirt just because of a silly tattoo.

    Anyway, glad to hear the basement is drying up. FINALLY!!!!

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