The height of suckage

So, I sort of left you hanging with the very bad weekend bit and no details.  Allow me to show you this. 


It all started Saturday morning.  I went out to do some yard work, trimming bushes, trees and planting a few things.  When I was done I decided to water my flower beds, I forgot to turn the hose off.  It was running for, well, I don’t know how long.  It took awhile to figure out where the heck “that noise is coming from.”  But, the hose had a nozzle on it.  I thought nothing of it.  Fast forward to 8 pm, we come downstairs with plates of my caramel apple cake and one foot off the stairs and we knew.  Water was sloshing underfoot, squishing up between our toes.   We just sort of looked at each other like,  now what? 

I got out our little bissell steam cleaner and went to work.  I brought down a 5 gallon bucket to collect the water,  four hours and 20 gallons of water later the carpet was still soaking wet.  It was midnight, I threw in the towel and went to bed.  Sunday morning I came down and it was still just as wet as the night before so we decided to call for help.  Anytime you have to call a number that advertises 24 hour emergency service you sort of know your about to be taken, but what do you do?  This is our house, you cant just let the water sand there and the mold to start growing, right?

A few hours later Mr. Flood dudes arrive.  Blah blah blah, floody details, mold control, chemicals, 24 hour lock down, deposit of one arm and one leg and they were off. 

Its Wednesday night and I just took those photos.  We still don’t know what we are in for down here.  The carpet pad seems to be drying now, though they are trying to strong arm me into ripping out the carpet and pad.  I say no, it was clean water, lets try and save it.  We will see.

Today I called a plumber.  For our insurance to cover this it has to be an internal plumbing problem.  I wasn’t positive it was a problem at all but turns out that one of our pipes burst this winter and this is how we found out.  Good right? Now this is covered.  Not so fast.  Remember last year this time?  We got a new roof and siding after a huge hail storm (golf ball sized hail)  Today my agent tells me to think long and hard before we go though with this.  We are covered BUT if we place this claim they will drop us.  AND, we will not be able to get insurance with anyone other than the state agency which he swears is a lot more expensive. 

So, thats where we are now.  Mr. Flood will be here tomorrow and I’m hoping for the best.  I want all of this stuff out of the house, its HOT and super loud.  We can hear the fans all the way upstairs in bed.  Plus, the cost is huge.  Lets just say I could have bought the coach bag and an accessory or two PER DAY with what we are paying for this.  Who knows what our electricity bill will look like this month.

It could have been worse. It wasn’t sewage, we didn’t loose any electronics or furniture.  I may be jumping the gun though, maybe I should wait to say that until we know there isn’t any mold.

Wish us luck.



6 thoughts on “The height of suckage

  1. I’m so sorry you guys are going through this! I hope you get it all fixed. Have you checked with other agencies to see for yourself whether they’ll cover you? If you’re just taking your agent’s word he could just be trying to get you to drop the claim without losing your business.

  2. I can only imagine how you must feel. I hate it when things go wrong with your house. Spending money on things you don’t want to (like a new roof -ugh!). I hope you feel consoled that this wasn’t your fault. Home ownership can really blow sometimes.
    Oh, I love the purse. I was scouting some on ebay, but broke down and bought a much less expesnsive (but still very cute) Franco Sarto bag. It’s yellow, not too big, and I can fit diapers in it!

  3. Sorry you are having to deal with such a mess!

    (PS. Talk about pregnant. . . you mentioned caramel apple cake at the beginning of the post and it kept distracting me the whole time. That sounds so good!)

  4. Oh that is crappy. In terms of insurance, I suggest you call other companies before you decide whether or not you should file a claim. I know laws are different in each state, but get another opinion. and i just read the previous comments… but i still think you should call another agency for an opinion.

    By the way, it’s water – eventually it will dry. I doubt you’ll have to deal with mold because you caught it in time. it’ll all work out.

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