Showing my age

I joined Face book today.  I have no idea how to use it, I don’t know what it is for.  Somehow, by telling it where I went to High School it found my husbands cousin Darrins wife,  HOW did it know that? I had to join or I couldn’t see baby pictures, I will do anything (apparently) for baby pictures.  A few hours later there was age defying eye cream in my basket.  See, am old.  Also, my new hair lady asked me if i was sure I didn’t want to cover up “all of this’… with some well placed highlights.  heavy sigh.

Happy 3 day weekend Peeps!   Flip side.  ( you know, like WEST SIDE!- no?  hmm)


Edit: Flip Side may turn out to be Thursday or Friday?  Having work done on house, very -bad boring OMG could have been easily avoided,,,, work.  I am going to go cry in a corner over how we could have spent all of this money.  Whaaa.  Was all my fault,  bad, bad, weekend.   BAD!


4 thoughts on “Showing my age

  1. Hurrah! You joined Facebook! I’m right there with you on the whole thing. I am a bit bewildered. You look gorgeous. I am embracing my grays. It’s my new highlights.

  2. Thanks for adding me as your facebook friend 🙂

    What happened to your weekend??
    Was all my fault, bad, bad, weekend. BAD! – that doesn’t sound good….


  3. So, I was in college when the whole facebook thing started. That would make me the prime “facebook appropriate” target audience, right? ANYWAY. . . I got it at first, I mean, I didn’t use it a ton, but whatever. Now they keep adding all this stuff and everytime I log on there is something new that usually baffles me.

    What I really do not understand is MySpace. I totally missed the boat on that one.

    AND, my husband (who teaches high school) informed me that his students do not use instant messaging like msn or yahoo messenger. I was shocked! SHOCKED! I spent hours with that crap in high school. That made me feel old. . .

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