Cheese and Syrup

The past several days have found me very happy.  I am woken everyday by the sounds of a happy baby, cooing and babbling from the next room.  I roll over, complain about what time it is and lie there for just a while longer, usually until the noises are so dang cute I can no longer wait to see the boy.  I start talking to him on my way in.  Good morning sunshine, every days greeting, I get closer and there it is.  The worlds biggest grin, every morning he is just as happy to see me.  As if he were dreaming of meeting me for 38 weeks, too.  As if he wanted me as a Mom as badly as I wanted him as my son.  How did this happen?  How are we so blessed with this child, why did I get such a good one?  Questions I ask myself nearly every day. How is it possible that this tiny human has turned me into a morning person?

Yesterday I put Nate down for his afternoon nap and accessed the mornings mess,  play mat with blocks, spit to clean from the excercauser, load of laundry to fold, etc.  I say forget it all, pop a bag of popcorn and come down to the basement.  I had rented P.S. I love you… flick on the monitor, get under a blanket with the dog and relax.  First, that was heaven, laying on the couch with my dog like the days pre baby.   That movie was wonderful.  A sad story line, the young wife looses her husband to a brain tumor but the way he helps her try and live her life after he is gone was beautiful.   It was the kind of movie that makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes you appreciate your life, your family, and your husband. 

In day to day life its easy to complain about how much Mike works, about how I wish he’d mow the lawn more frequently and to beat myself up for not mopping the floor more often.   It made me take a step back and realize that despite all of the little stuff and that I’m currently without any one share a chick flick with that the rest of my life is exactly as I had hoped, dreamed and planed for.  How lucky is that?  Then, I take away the luck.  My sister Stacy once told me something that irritated me, “everything always works out for you guys”.  I didn’t like that,  I said “BS Stac- we work damn hard for this life, nothing falls anywhere, we place it all right where it belongs.”  So, I prefer fortunate, to lucky… but whatever, same thing really.

At the end of the day, whether the grass is short enough for my taste or my pedicure has a chip.. all is exactly as it should be.  I’m not afraid to say it either.  Because we have worked hard, and Mike is still working hard.  Sometimes life can turn out the way you wanted.   When it does, sometimes you need a movie to knock you over the head and remind you.



7 thoughts on “Cheese and Syrup

  1. My morning routine is EXACTLY the same.. from the cooing, laughing baby to me stealing another five minutes just to listen to him “talk” to me greeting him, every morning, with “Good morning, sunshine!”

    Life is grand. 🙂

  2. I guess I can kinda see what your sis is saying. For some people, no matter how hard they try nothing ever seems to turn out the way it’s supposed to. And some people seem to have life just fall into place without any special effort. At least be complimented by the fact that she apparently thinks you guys make it look easy!
    But in the end no matter how good or bad life is from day to day, at least we know the next morning we get to wake up to baby babbles. 🙂 Funny how something as simple as baby babble can make a mother so happy!

  3. I for one KNOW that there has been plenty of effort in what you guys have. You should be so proud! Life it what you make of it! I love you!

  4. amen sister!! amen !!! i love this post and i would love to share a girly movie with you sometime , they are my fav!!!
    matt and i had a talk like this just last night , about the important things in life .. beyond our gripes and such ..

    i am dealing with the news i got yesterday that my stepdad is very ill and apparently dieing (i don’t know a nicer way to say it) and my mom’s life is a mess and will need my help (long story!!!) but all morning i’ve been thinking ” how did my life get so good , i look at my mom’s life vs mine and i feel amazingly blessed.. i have dear friends, a awesome hubby, and even with it’s trouble . there are blessings in that too … i think i will go watch that movie now 🙂
    love ya babe!

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