The bullet

Sometimes your thoughts don’t really flow into a normal post.. so bullets it is

  • Weekend was good. Mike worked a lot but he took Saturday evening off.  Rented Charlie Wilson’s war, liked it.
  • The yard is looking really good in the places I thinned stuff out.  Still have a ton more to do though.  Not touching anything until the poison ivy is removed.
  • No, never heard back from the grounds keepers.  Will be looking for someone else this week.
  • Arm is doing better, blisters have dried up- its now spread to my legs, back and other arm.  In addition to the belly and chest, which I have scratched so much they now have bruises.
  • Speaking of bruises… I fell off the bathroom counter on Saturday.  I sit on it with my feet in the sink, facing the mirror to tweeze my brows.  I scooted back to get down and went right over the edge.  I fell flat on my back, hit my head with my legs in the air, the top of my foot is black and blue, I think it hit the faucet.  Of course Mike saw the whole thing.  I’m okay, sore but okay.
  • We need a new TV for our room.  Its blue, the audio works but the screen is blue.  I was hoping that we would get used to it an not want to replace it, but I miss it.  I hate having it in there but apparently not that much.
  • Hopefully we will do so next weekend.  Mike has a tiny break coming up the last weekend of the month.  I cant wait!
  • Maybe we can go to the Zoo. too?
  • The pool opens next weekend – OMG cannot wait.  Need to get Nate his swim trunks asap.
  • Need to loose 5 lbs, asap.  Actually, just firm this mess up.
  •  Am below my pre pregnancy weight but not fit, at all.  Working on it.
  • Amy was supposed to be induced tomorrow.  Baby Liem was born on Saturday at 3:10 pm.  They should be here in about one month. 
  • Am thinking about baking something for pregnant neighbor.  Should I assume shes not eating chocolate,,, I don’t know.  Now I start questioning everything, cheesecake, layer cake, peanut butter banana bars, bucket of ice cream- AHH!  Am too desperate for her to like me because I can bake.
  • Her baby shower was Saturday, I know because they had a big sign in her front yard, not because I am a stalker….they had cars lining both sides of the street.  She isn’t in need of friends.
  • Why do I do this?  I’m a great person and an amazing friend.  She would be lucky to have me.

And because the cheeks on this kid must be shared… a picture.  I have no idea what he was looking at, I was sitting directly in front of him.


8 thoughts on “The bullet

  1. You have the most precious son! And I’m glad you’re ok although I am sorry you fell. And you could always ask the neighbor what she likes. Not all women give up chocolate while pregnant… I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So maybe make her something small and chocolate? I dunno. And I hope the weight comes off for you!

  2. Dude..Mike saw it happen??? Sorry.

    I think that she would like the peanut butter banana bars. ummm. She would be very fortunate to have you as a friend…she doesnt know it yet.

    I love the monkey shirt pics. ..especially the one where he’s grabbing his feet. oxox

  3. OMG! You fell off the counter? Man… That totally sucks. You will need a vanity with a comfy chair and amazing lighting. I’ve actually started tweezing in the bathroom at work because the light is amazing! All I need now is a magnified mirror and I’d never leave!

    I’m glad to hear you are okay… sore but okay. So scary! I immediately thought “what if I fell off my bathroom counter?” and then I remembered I live in a teeny tiny house and we have a pedestal sink. We’d have a problem if I fell off of that!

  4. 1. Love the new banner
    2. Don’t bake. Take a flowering plant. Plants don’t cause weight gain.
    3. Include a card saying how happy you are to have a new mom in the neighborhood
    4. Mike is working too much. Its not healthy for any of you
    5. Get a magnifying mirror and stop sitting in the sink. Nate need his mom alive.
    6. Bullets are good unless they are in a gun.
    7. Love to all.


  5. You could bake something that you really liked while pregnant. I was eating dinner at a restaurant the other night and the waitress brought out a piece of pie and told me it was her favorite while she was pregnant. I thought it was really sweet!

    Sorry to hear about you fall off the counter.

  6. Ok first off- Dad you crack me up!!!! Second… ok Christina seriously… time for some controlled movement. I saw your foot. Not good!!!! Perhaps it is time to learn the dimensions of your counter… you know like you do for a car? And again to Dad- she will never get a magnified mirror. Trust me.

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