Again with the boring

So, what the heck?  No, not you.  I’m asking myself.  Casa de rockin’ has not been, well not in a good way.   Another tuff week.  Nate’s two front teeth are just about to pop, read, runny nose, congestion and the lovely teething diapers.  I have a cold, Mike is getting a cold (Nate’s not sick, sure of it, he would tell me if he had what we have!),  my cat is on twice a day antibiotics which is a part time job itself, and then there is the big itch of 08.  

Despite all of that I am doing my best.  My best this week means I got two showers and should be food shopping right now but its going to wait until tomorrow.  Nate is napping and I should shower now, but no, I think I will blog and eat cookies with my Chai.  I love Chai, have I mentioned?  Speaking of , well sort of.  Nate is tolerating a bit of caffeine.  I can drink a half can of diet coke now.  She says as the clouds part and the angles rejoice.    And, last night I ate curry!  OH! So I guess things are looking up?  Ha ha!  I’m funny.  Really,  just ask me. 

I’m a bit lonely.  This happens more than I’d like.  Mike works too much and Nathan is the worlds cutest company but he doesn’t get that excited about my new nail polish or the Coach bag I want to carry his diapers in but wont buy, yet still obsess over.  He is a little more interested in my scrap booking supply addiction (OMG- is a problem!) because he appreciates the time I put into making his photos look even better, then again, he wishes Id put down the adhesive ribbon and maybe play?  Where was I, oh yeah.  Lonely!  This is a major side effect of moving to a new place, you’re alone.   I did make a friend with two boys but she is SO busy that we don’t see each other much at all, and Amy is coming soon (induction date is the 20th!! squee) but she will be all wobbly and blurry eyed so it will be a while before we are back to full gf status.   Maybe, just maybe when she gets here I will bite the bullet and do the Mom group thing.  Amy is about 50x’s more outgoing than I am,  I’ve sort of got all of my eggs in that basket.  She watched Bruno for us once and when we came back she knew all of our neighbors by name.  I had lived there for 6 years and didn’t know any of them.  She was there for a week.  Hmm.

 There is a new’ish couple that moved in across the street, she looks to be around 7 months pregnant.  I’m trying to come up with a reason to knock on her door.  She’s not getting the hint, Nate and I are on the front porch every now and then when she gets home from work, just waiting for her to notice so I can say Hi.  Need a new plan.

I wish I wasn’t such a shy nerd in new situations.  It just takes me a while to get comfortable and be myself.  Every real friend I have thought I was a bitch before we got to know each other…. that sort of cripples me now.  Though now I think I’d just come across as desperate.  Not much better.



10 thoughts on “Again with the boring

  1. Christina,
    I was the same way when I became a SAHM with my 1st child. I was bored and lonely! I would take DS to the library story time and be so envious of those moms that came together as a group, made plans to go to one another’s houses for some playtime before naps… I finally got up the nerve to join a mom’s group. I didn’t like the first one. Then I joined another one and it was easier that time around. Only after I had my 2nd daughter did I get a LOT more confidence and wanted to kick myself for not finding it sooner. I’m sure part of it was age and maturing to no longer care that much about what others thought of me – either they would like me for who I was or not and that was fine because I didn’t really want to change who I was for anyone. It’s HARD to put yourself out there but it’s important. You have no idea how many other moms feel exactly the same way you do! Try it, if you don’t like it, try another one and eventually (as it gets easier along the way too) you will find your niche and make good friends. It will benefit Nathan too as he’ll have little buddies as he grows up.
    As for the woman across the street, maybe make something or take her a plant or just go knock on her door and say Welcome to the Neighborhood! and introduce yourself. You’ll find out quick if she’s just as nervous to make the first move as you are or if she’s really not interested. Good luck!!! It’s important to not go through this alone because dang, it really can be the lonliest thing ever!

  2. It’s hard to feel lonely. And although you think it might seem desperate…there are so many other moms going through this same thing…go to the park and just introduce yourself.

    You might just meet your (best friend) soul mate.

    Good luck.

  3. I like “a mom’s” idea. Take her a plant or something and welcome her to the hood. I would be the same way. It is hard. I like my comfort zone.

    ps. Nathan in the hat….slays me!

  4. Bring her one of your famous baked treats! ALL prego’s love some desert! Or plan to be “on a walk” around the time that you would be on your porch… happen by her driveway… ok that sounds a little stalker… I would stick with a cake or pie! LOL! I love you and I wish our backyards were conjoined!

  5. Hey! I never thought you were a bitch. I believe you quoted Joan Rivers on our first “date”. So, you had me at hello, darling! 😉

  6. YOU are NOT a bitch! Look at us! We don’t even know each other and I get along better with you than friends I’ve had for 20 years (ack i’m aging myself). Anyway, I have anxiety about introducing myself to new people – it was definately worse after I had the first baby because i felt awkward and hormonally awful! By the time the 2nd baby came along, i was just plain Psycho! And insecure. And awkward.

    As for mom’s groups… I never joined one. I wanted to join a group and meet people that had the same interests as me – not just meet people because they have children. A GF of mine joined one and she’s quite happy about it. But she’s able to put herself out there. I could never have done it. I did yoga, knitting, bootcamp – because I was sure that I could meet people who were interesting based on mutual hobbies. It didn’t really happen because i’m shy and insecure… but i did try. 🙂 do what you need to do so that you aren’t lonely. And for goodness sakes… don’t start collecting stray cats.

  7. You were always my number #1 Bitch…always will be! Too much alike I guess.

    I love and miss you!

  8. Just bake her an infamous cheesecake and tell her how much you loved them when you were pregnant! She would totally appreciate it!
    See you in a few weeks!!!
    BTW, I am FINALLY catching up on the blog, gawsh, times like these, I really miss work 😉

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