Poison Ivy and Tornado Warnings

This weekend wasn’t the best.  It was, itchy.  Hmm, actually Itchy would explain a little bug bite, that sock line you get after a long day in boots.  Itchy is not an appropriate description to the hell that has been this weekend. Where your husband wakes you up because your scratching yourself so hard in your sleep that hes afraid your going to hurt yourself.  It would appear that we have poison ivy somewhere in our yard.  I think I know where after spending some time online looking at pictures of it.  Even so, I am a bit afraid to go after it.  I don’t want to deal with this ever again.  What I didn’t know was there is sort of an incubation period once you have been exposed.  On Wednesday I spent hours out there pulling dandelions from the lawn and when I came in I noticed the spots, tiny bumps looking like bug bites.  I washed up and didn’t think about them again.  Until Friday night.  They started itching, still looking the same but the itch was more intense than a normal bite, I complained to Mike a bit but again, let it go.   By Saturday I was out of my mind, the bumps had turned to blisters and I was this close to gnawing my own arm off.    Mike suggested we stop at the drug store on the way to dinner that night since I was miserable.  When I showed the Pharmacists she told me what it was.   Today is day 5, my arm is almost twice the size of the other and now to top it off I have a new rash from the bandages I have had on it to keep the ointment on.  This is absolutely ridiculous, these three tiny lines causing such discomfort.  I have NEVER itched like this, I had the “epidural itch” and this is at least 100 times worse than that. I know it could be much worse, I am so glad that I was wearing gloves.   Google tells me this lasts for 14-20 days.  Awesome.

Today was my first Mothers Day.  Mike was very sweet, but the weather was crummy.  So, today we spent a fair amount of time hunkering down in the basement waiting for the tornado sirens to stop.  One day we will look back on this.  I hope we remember that Nathan was hamming it up at dinner and that despite the setbacks we are one happy- corny family.   Not that I had a rash up to my elbow, slathered in goop and we were stuck in the basement.   Life, right?

Hope all you Mamma’s had great days!


8 thoughts on “Poison Ivy and Tornado Warnings

  1. I hope it goes away soon! My grandmother ate the stuff once by accident–made her deathly ill and now we all have this bizarre immunity to poison ivy. Go figure.
    Did you guys escape the tornadoes? How bad did your weather get where you are? I hope everybody up your way is ok.

  2. OMG that totally sucks! I’ve never had poison ivy or oak – but I have had hives. My hives looked (and felt) like purple stucco. I hope, for your sake, that it goes away soon!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you too. Cool huh? …I mean except for the tornado warnings and junk. Your poor little arm. It went from “hum, look at that” to “what the hell..?” Ill bet E knows what to do. ha

  4. Christina–You would be hearing that story for the rest of your life!!! So spare us the torture…

    Miss you

  5. Little story for you…

    My brothers and sisters used to get out of school for a WEEK for getting posion ivy and one day I rolled in it and rubbed it all over my body just hoping and praying to get out of school. Nothing happened. Not even a spot.

    Well, last summer when we were clearing out the jungle known as our backyard and we came across posion ivy. So I took the opportunity to was tell Jeff this story and wouldn’t you know the next day my legs were COVERED in it and it was the most miserable experience of my life.

    My suggestion: Use the Aveno oatmeal bath and soak your arm in it. It did wonders for me (plus benadryl and calamine CLEAR.



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