Is this the line?

For the mother of the year award?  Man what a stupid day!  Nathan was a dream today, like his usual self, all it took was a $20 co-pay to snap him out of his mood.  We were playing and I decided, hey, I bet he’d be damn cute if I could spike his hair!

I put some palm aide in it, it did not stand up, it was not cute.  Neither is the rash it left on his forehead.

Oh and just for fun- his cunker’oo butt weighed in at 19lbs 12 oz. 


6 thoughts on “Is this the line?

  1. Holy Cow! He’s a big fella! Maybe a football player when he gets older lol.
    He’s a handsome little fella and it’s a shame he was in a bad mood for you.
    I can’t believe you spiked his hair! Did you at least take pictures?

  2. YOU SPIKED HIS HAIR!!! hahahahahaa!!!

    Next time try gel or maybe even just hairspray 😉

    Glad he’s healthy and can live on his chub reserves for a few days!


  3. Sunscreen will make his hair stand up and hopefully not leave a rash.

    Are there any pictures, even if the hair wasn’t cute I am sure Nathan was.

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