First “Sick” Visit

The last few days have been a struggle.  We start the day out happy and goes quickly downhill.  By 3 pm Nathan has been cranky, clingy, and an all around good time.  Last night was particularly bad, crying and crying which is so out of character for him.   He had a few signs of an earache and has had a touch of a cough and a runny nose but not a big a deal, other than his mood.  So, we went for a check up.  He is fine, no ear infection just a slight cold.  I was all about trusting my gut, hes not acting himself, better safe than sorry.  I am glad he is fine but boy do I feel like a jackass.  I took my kid to the Dr because hes been a handful. 


6 thoughts on “First “Sick” Visit

  1. Well, I cant throw stones and I wouldve done the same thing. We took Landyn to the ER for throwing up and she was asleep before the Dr even made it into the room. hahaha Yes, better safe than sorry…especially if they cant tell you what hurts yet. oxox

  2. You did the right thing. Who cares if the doctor thinks you’re a jackass? Better to make sure that Nathan is ok. I let Clara suffer with an ear infection for two days — figuring she was just cranky — before taking her in. My poor baby! I’ve decided that I’m going to try to check my pride at the door (not an easy thing for me) and just ask for help whenever I’m unsure.

  3. We’ve done the same thing before and if your doctor acts like he thinks you’re a jackass, then you need a new doctor. With babies RSV is a constant threat and I’d rather be safe than sorry, even if it is just a cold. Trust your gut and if your doctor discourages you from it, find one who won’t.

  4. I feel like an ass all by myself- My doctor is awesome- when I called my self a rookie she told me to stop it, and reminded me that I know my kid better than anyone and not to question it. So, it wasnt how I was treated, but how I allowed myself to feel. 🙂 See, ROOKIE! hahah.

  5. Believe me, this is the first of many times you will either take him in when he is just fine, will be told it’s just a virus and there’s nothing you can really do but make him comfortable OR not take him in soon enough only to have everyone suffer for extra days then take him in to find out he’s got an ear infection. Yep. You need to learn to let it go because this will happen A LOT. I recommend buying an ear scope and learning to check his ears yourself. Then you can let go of a bit of the wondering what’s going on. I just have a cheap one but it’s saved many a co-payment over my 7 1/2 years of being a mom! Don’t be so hard on yourself!!

  6. You were not an ass. You were a mom. I take the kids to dr all the time. Sometimes more than once a week.

    And do I have a story for you… I dialed 911 yesterday. Yes, that’s right. I was changing Natalie’s diaper when I noticed that she had red/purplish marks on her eye that were not there moments before. Them some appeared on her nose. I panicked. I thought about calling the dr, but then thought no. This had to be some sort of internal bleeding or severe allergic reaction. I spoke to the medic unit and they told me they were sending someone out. I got off the phone and realized that Natalie had been playing with paint. Low and behold the the marks just washed away. To my credit, they did look like bruises. Ok, so that being said I hope that I can prevent you from feeling like an ass ever again.

    Lots of love! And I hope the faux crocs are there soon.

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