Wait, Im not ready

Nathan hit 7 months yesterday.  I’m not in a I cant believe my baby is 7 months already oh dear me state, not at all.  I feel like he is 7 months, I feel like I’m 7 months into the “gig” still on the new side but hitting my grove. I LOVE this age, we have a blast, he is eating well, sleeping well and as healthy as I could ever hope for.  Time is flying by but I am lucky enough to have the time to really savor several moments a day.  Nearly every feeding is in his room in the rocker, just us, no outside anything, just us.  I love the time to relax and rub his fuzzy little head ( his latest name is Fuzz Light year) I sing and talk to him and its wonderful.  We read everyday, go outside most days, go for walks, swing at the park, run errands, sit in the yard, pet the dog, everything is amazing and fun.  But he seems to be wanting more, and new and I dont know what else to do.

Because he is getting older, completely aware of everything around him, more mobile on the floor creeping and rolling (no crawling yet- that’s fine with me) he’s a little less interested in his Jumperoo and excercauser for the in between times with Mom where I have to run the swiffer around or cook dinner.  The baby papasan is done, as is his swing.  His alternative holding place is his feeding chair.   I’m at a place where I’m not sure what to do with him, or what he needs from me.  Yesterday we bought some bubbles, which I didn’t really think he would notice but he loved them.   We are working on clapping and waving (man my life is RIVETING!) but that doesn’t take too long.  I don’t feel ready for this age, what else can I be teaching him?  Hes a little ahead of what my book is telling us but not ready for crayons,, i feel sort of lost.



3 thoughts on “Wait, Im not ready

  1. I thought I was the only one! Not that it really helps either of us know what to do, but at least we’re not alone!
    We’ve been practicing sitting (which she was still shaky on but is getting really good!) and we try standing and dancing and clapping and stuff like that. We sing a lot, which is fun. She’s also learning to mimic what I do. For example, I stand her up where she can hold onto the couch, and I smack one of the cushions with my hand. She does it back at me! She does that in the bathtub too, in the water.
    Do you have any idea what toys they should be playing with at this age? They’re old enough that the “baby” stuff just isn’t fun for them anymore but most of the toddler stuff is for more mobile or more intellectually developed kids. I’m kind of at a loss and she needs new things to play with.

  2. Victoria-
    We are playing with a shape sorter and blocks. We stack the blocks, knock them down, count them and learn the colors. The sape sorter is a cookie jar which sings, right now I tell him what the shape is, what color is and place it in the correct spot and he pushes it thru. He has soft books too that he loves to turn the pages and of course, chew on. He loves anything that rattles, we have a differnt set of blocks that are soft and the inside have balls and stuff in them, with a chew toy sewed on to it and tags to play with, he loves those too. Check craigs list for a jumperoo. Since she isnt sitting up all the way yet it will both keep her really busy and happy and help her develop her muscles. I got ours for $30. And theres the old stand by, the kid loves to hold his spoons! They are plastic so I just let him chew on it and bang them on his tray.

  3. Ok, here’s the good thing about playing with children – they are capable of keeping themselves occupied. One of our favorite positions was in a bouncey chair or the high chair. A high chair and a bowl of cheerios goes a LONG way. Eat one, play with one, eat one… So far, you are doing great! We also introduced the Baby Einstein dvd’s – they have multilanguage capability – so my boys could watch the same marble tower for hours while a person spoke in another language.

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