What’cha got in there?

I was out running an errand the other night, all by myself toting my giant red purse.  When I went to pay a load of crap came pouring out, I’m not sure why, it is a fairly controlled amount of chaos in there but I digress.  I saw the checkout woman peer and snicker a little.  My guess, she’s had a rattle fall out herself.  So, for fun, here are the contents of my bag, any given day.   If you want the verison of this shot with notes, you can see it in the Flickr section.  Or just click the photo to enlarge- twice- once to the medium frame another for large.


Tell us, what do you have in your daily bag?


I may do more of these, same title-  pantry, medicine cabinet, recycling bin?  I always like a little peeping tom look into my bloggers “real” life.  Sometimes you learn more by this stuff than what we are writing.  It can be funny to see the sugar free rock stars next to a bag of breast milk, which are actually in the fridge right now.  Thoughts,  any picture requests?   This place is boring me right now- NEED to find new things to talk about. 


4 thoughts on “What’cha got in there?

  1. Hehe… I might do this. In high school my book bag was a wonderland of office supplies. My friend was the walking medicine cabinet. Fun stuff. I definitely think I’ll use this one.
    I think we’re all always up for pictures of the Little Man. I love seeing how he’s growing! I’m also very interested in what you’re doing with your garden. I have a little spot, maybe eight feet wide by about four or five feet deep, that I want to garden in, and I need inspiration!

  2. Oh god… we have opened Pandora’s Box…

    Okay, here goes!

    1. wallet — stuffed full of crap and can barely close with reciept corners poking out

    2. cell phone

    3. planner (again… papers and crap falling out of it)

    4. 5 packs of gum… no idea why I have that many!

    5. 7 pens

    6. Little notebook where I write down chapters for my life story.

    7. hand sanitizer

    8. tampons

    9. keys

    10. 3 lipglosses, 2 chapsticks

    11. business cards

    12. nail file

    13. my watch — I was looking for that!

    14. crystal light packets… you know the ones you put in a bottle of water.

    15. my nalgene

    16. an assortment of paper clips, rubber bands, bobby pins and loose change


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