Ugh, what a croc….

Something went awry here.  I ordered an infant size 1, they sent me a boy size 1.  See the difference?  I cannot resist any opportunity to show you my sons feet. 


So, they are going back, obviously.  My current mission is to find out if crocs are even made in this size, I am awaiting an response from the Croc website.   One size chart (on  reads a size 1 is 3.5 inches long, but what was sent to me is the equivalent of a woman’s/girls size 3.  I hope I find them in his size, I want them SO badly.  I mean if you could see the shape of Nathans foot in person you would understand why, this kids feet were made for Crocs. 

Oh well.  I will keep you posted, I’m sure you are on Pins and Needles!

Monday Edit:  Replacements were purchased at Target for 1/3 the cost of crocs… figures right?  Go Target!





2 thoughts on “Ugh, what a croc….

  1. I love baby feet! Natalie had a size 2 of faux crocs. I got them at Freddies. I can look next time I’m there.

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