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This past week we went from one meal a day to two in addition to nursing in 4 hour increments (overnight excluded).  I’m having terrible engorgement issues as a result.  I am feeding him his sold meal one our after he nurses which gives us 3 hours until the next feeding, it seems like he is eating for the same amount of time but its becoming obvious that hes not taking as much as he was just last week.  So, is this okay?  I know at 7 months its fine for him to be getting his nourishment from real food but I wonder how much milk he needs as well.  Right now the solid schedule I am working with is what the Ped recommended.  One hour after nursing, and it was fine when it was just one meal a day but now we are doing breakfast (infant oatmeal with milk and fruit mixed in) and I’m all out of whack.  It’s hard to know if I am over feeding him, or if it is the right amount, and if this is totally normal.  My milk supply has always been extremely sensitive, so maybe its not an issue at all.  I’m not wanting to wean until his first birthday and he’s not acting uninterested, he just isn’t as hungry now. Moms who formula feed tell me what you do, you can see how much they are drinking, is it/was it a lot less?  And, what was your time frame with bottle/solids?




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  1. Baby gets 6-8oz every 3 hours or so. Total, she gets like 42oz daily. She gets solids at night (a stage 2 jar full) and once in a while in the morning. I’ve heard that breastfed babies don’t take as much because the nutrients are much more condensed in the milk. But it could be a teething thing, or what do they call it… Nursing strike? Or he could just be fascinated with the solids. And some babies wean themselves early, and that could be what he’s doing. Whatever it is, if it gets to the point where you’re concerned about your supply, start pumping and call his doctor.

  2. I know Tony’s not as old, but if it helps..

    He takes 6 oz every four or five hours, except in the afternoons.. in between his naps, he gets 4 oz of juice (2 oz of juice, 2 oz of water).

    We haven’t started feeding solids yet, so this may not be of any help to you. Our ped said as long as he’s not getting less than 32 oz a day, we’re fine.

  3. Its not a strike, at least not from what I have read. He is just as egar to nurse as he has always been- I just still feel full when he is done.
    When I pump inbetween feedings I usually get 10-12 oz- and I’m still not empty- thats just what the bottles hold- so with that and him eating 4/5 times per day, he is most likely getting more than 32. In addition to that I thin his foods with b-milk so hes getting some there as well. Sounds like we are probably fine. Wet diaper count is still the same as well.

    Please comment if you came here with more for me… I want as much insight as you can offer.

  4. Once Gabe weaned himself (at 9 months) he had 32 of formula a day. I think I would give him a bottle when he woke up then he would have breakfast, a bottle for a morning snack, then lunch, a bottle for an pm snack, then dinner and finally a bottle before bedtime.

    I’m obviously not a dr, so I don’t feel comfortable giving you advise on why you are struggling-but it seems to me that as Nathan eats more his little tummy doesn’t have as much room for the breast milk. Maybe your overproduction would lessen if you only pumped enough to take the edge off? Then possibly your body would make as much?

  5. Your supply might just be in overdrive in response to him growing. But you’re right–he sounds like he’s eating just fine. For babies who are exclusively formula fed, we’re told to take our babies’ weight and multiply it by 2.5, and the number we get will be the amount, in ounces, that they should be eating each day. I’ve looked and I can’t find a similar number for breastfed babies, but if I find one I’ll let you know.

  6. At 7 months my son was drinking 4 6oz bottles and eating 3 meals a day (he’s no string bean, I’ll say that much). Bottle in the a.m. first thing, then breakfast an hour later, then a bottle another two or so hours after that. Lunch around 12ish then another bottle around 2ish, dinner around 6 and a bottle right before bed.

    Around this time your baby will probably start nursing less as he’s starting to get more nutrients from food. Don’t worry about how much he nurses, 3 -4 times a day is fine. It’ll vary too, some days more, some days less. He’ll eat when he’s hungry. Sounds like he’s doing great.

  7. Obviously I don’t have the experience to comment, except to note that 10-12 ounces!!?? Sh**! I struggle to get over 5 (double pumping) and I know a number of moms who can’t get that. Clara is mostly still just getting breast milk. For some reason I can’t bring myself to supplement with formula. She gets 3 5-6 oz bottles at daycare and then nurses 4-5 more times at home. We started avocado this weekend, but she’s just eating a few spoon fulls. My philosophy is that as long as she is content and seems to be growing normally, it must be ok. Take care and kiss Nathan for me!

  8. I am going to ditto Becky. He is drinking less because he is eating more. With that kind of output (wow!) your body needs to cut back on the production I think. You want it to gradually decrease as he is eating more “real food”. Otherwise when you do want to wean him, if you are still making tons and tons of milk, you are going to be miserable. The supply and demand system really works! Just follow his lead and I would not pump more than once a day, and only pump enough of what he would probably eat at one feeding, if you have any clue what that would be. Your body will adjust to his new eating schedule. He is not going to starve and you are not going to dry up. 😉 Good Luck!

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